TowBoatUS Testimonials – Larry T & Lon R

Editor’s NoteIn a world of electronic reviews and quick surveys, it is often hard to know who to listen to.  We want to share some heartfelt BoatUS Testimonials from Members who took the time to share their BoatUS and TowBoatUS experiences with their fellow boaters.

TowBoatUS Testimonials

My family and I first met one of your TowBoatUS captains at the West Marine store in Friday Harbor, Washington, during a store event. We were somewhat familiar with BoatUS at the time, and TowBoatUS. TowBoatUS Captain Deb was an excellent ambassador in explaining the towing services that BoatUS offers. She asked us all the appropriate questions to help us choose the towing service level to best fit our boating needs.

TowBoatUS reviews - TowBoatUS TestimonialsAfter signing up for a Membership, I joked with her about turning our engine off so I could call her for a tow during the season. Little did I know, that is exactly what would happen a week later.

towboatus boatus - TowBoatUS TestimonialsAbout an hour and a half after leaving port, we developed a leak in our exhaust system, so we turned off the engine to patch the leak. When we went to start it, nothing happened.  We gave BoatUS a call, and in a short time, Captain Deb arrived on scene with a mechanic. It turned out that our alternator was bad, but they had a jumper pack and were able to start the engine, and then diagnose our problem. Shortly thereafter, Captain Deb warned us of bad weather out in the straits and urged our return to port. She insisted on following us home until she was sure we were OK.

The boat handling skills, professionalism, and speedy service provided by TowBoatUS was altogether outstanding.  I will continue to tell our story to my boating friends and insist that they join BoatUS if they haven’t already done so.

Larry T. and Lon R.

Friday Harbor, WA

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BoatUS makes boating better. They proudly provide a single source of exceptional service and savings for boaters, including marine insurance and towing from the nation’s largest fleet, TowBoatUS. BoatUS remains dedicated to educating and protecting boaters and their rights – making boating safer...