BoatUS Insurance Offers Anglers Great Options

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BoatUS Insurance Offers Anglers Great Options

The subject of insurance usually brings on a bitter taste in the mouths of most people, though if you have been saved by insurance, you may realize it’s well worth it when you need it.  That’s why the insurance team at BoatUS works hard to make their boat insurance a sweet deal, and easy to get a policy that fits your boating lifestyle.

BoatUS offers fair and affordable boat insurance to all boaters, but they also understand the specific needs of fishermen.  They’ve created several policy endorsements or choices so that anglers can choose a policy that fits the usage of their boats and fishing activity.

The first step of exploring a boat insurance policy with BoatUS is to calculate a base policy.  There are two ways to go about setting this up.  Policies are set up on “agreed hull” value or a “cash value”.  Each version has different reporting requirements to determine the value of the boat and associated items.  This can be discussed with a BoatUS agent who will happily discuss the options with boaters.  Each version has different liability limits associated, and anglers can pick which one is the best fit for them.  Medical coverage is also part of the policy and the “angler” package can even have coverage for a co-angler, as in the case of fishing tournaments.

Speaking of fishing tournaments, many tournament formats are now requiring certain amounts of liability coverage for each entrant.  “BoatUS offers flexible and very reasonable rates to build a policy that will fit the requirements of tournaments you wish to participate in,” said Mike Pellerin, Vice President, Underwriting at BoatUS.  “We can offer liability coverage ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000, depending on what a tournament is requiring of its anglers.”

Another aspect that many anglers forget to research is trailer coverage and roadside assistance.  Both of these are important whether you’re towing your boat to the big tournament or just taking the kids fishing.  BoatUS offers coverage for your trailer that includes roadside assistance in the policy.  “Imagine the sinking feeling of having to leave your boat on the side of the road to go in search of parts or help”, said Pellerin.  “The roadside assistance eliminates the need to leave your vessel, and help comes to you to fix a flat or to put your trailer and boat on a tow truck to get it repaired.”  There is peace of mind built into BoatUS insurance policies.

BoatUS membership

Reassurance is valuable when you are on the water too.

On-the-water towing assistance for boaters is a primary function of BoatUS and nobody does it better.  With a growing network of more than 300 TowBoatUS companies across the country in both coastal and freshwater areas, it is very likely that TowBoatUS is near you.  If not, BoatUS will pay for an authorized service providerto assist you, saving the boater the often-expensive costs of on-the-water towing.  This invaluable service can be bought two ways.  Anyone can buy a BoatUS Towing Membership for a very reasonable yearly fee, but if you have a BoatUS insurance policy, you can add the TowBoatUS Towing Endorsement for as little as $3 dollars per month by calling 800-283-2883. (Varies with boat and location).

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As mentioned earlier, BoatUS is catering to anglers with their Fishing Endorsement which covers up to $5000 per incident for fishing equipment and gear that is lost, damaged or stolen.  Automatic Tournament Coverage is also included in the Fishing Endorsement and covers anglers in competitions in North America, including Canadian and Mexican waters. (Don’t forget Mexican Liability Coverage is required when boating in Mexico)

All BoatUS Policies Include

  • 24 Hour Claims & Dispatch
  • Full Salvage Assistance
  • Supplemental Medical
  • Fuel-Spill Liability
  • Uninsured Protection
  • Haul-Out Coverage
  • No Depreciation
  • Diminishing Deductibles
  • Premium Discounts

BoatUS even has options for fishing guides and charter captains of boats with six passengers or less that do not carry a hired crew.  This is an amazingly affordable option for guides who are chasing their dream of being a fishing guide.  The guide endorsement also meets the criteria for most parks who set mandates for guides working within their borders.  Guide coverage from BoatUS protects your boat, equipment and guests onboard. Call (800) 283-2883 for details on this great option.

BoatUS Insurance Offers Anglers Great OptionsFor over 50 years, BoatUS has provided affordable boat insurance coverage options for recreational boaters nationwide. Low-cost policies, available for most all boat types, are serviced by dedicated boat insurance experts committed to exceptional policy service, and expert claims handling that gets you back to boating as quickly as possible.

Consult with a BoatUS agent to get the particulars and customize a policy that is fit for you.  Visit BoatUS for more information or call 800-283-2883 with your questions.