New Boat Care Products To Make Your Boat Last

XPS is introducing a new line of care products that have been expertly engineered to extend the life of all types and brands of boats – from aluminum to fiberglass and canvas to vinyl – XPS has developed the right formula.

XPS is leveraging its experience and expertise in care products to bring the high-quality specialized products, that had previously only been directed at BRP brands, to owners of all brands of boats, including sterndrives and inboards. The research and development behind these products is the kind only an OEM would put forth to assure maximum life and customer satisfaction, with accelerated weather and UV testing on all types of marine surfaces for thousands of hours. XPS care products have also been tested and benchmarked against the leading brands in each category to assure they outlast and outperform the competition. With XPS, owners will have the confidence that they have the right care products to extend the life of their boats.

New Product Highlights 

xps boat care products

Wax & Sealant Nano-Polymer

Premium polish and sealant for gelcoat, fiberglass and painted surfaces using nanotechnology for surface penetration and adhesion. A superior blend of two cross-linked polymers, pure wax, and silicone for the ultimate shine and long-lasting protection. Unmatched resistance to marine contaminants like UV rays, salt spray, water spots, bird droppings, and insects.

xps boat care products

Fabric Waterproofing

Restores and preserves boat canvas and fabrics to keep them performing like new. Unique fluoropolymer formula restores water repellency, adds UV protection, stain protection and prevents color fading and premature aging of boat fabrics. Safe for natural and synthetic fibers, does not affect the fabric’s feel, color or breathability.

xps boat care products

Eco-Friendly Hull Cleaner

Formulated to clean waterline stains, algae, rust, scum, mold, and other aquatic contaminants. The eco-friendly formula removes tough waterline stains. No heavy scrubbing is required.

xps boat care products

Boat and Pontoon Aluminum Cleaner

Formulated to remove marine contaminants from painted and unpainted aluminum surfaces. This formula removes waterline scum, algae stains, mold, and oxidation to restore a stunning, clean finish to aluminum without whitening or damaging a boat’s metal surfaces.

boat care products

Wash and Wax

One-step wash and wax. Formulated to clean tough water stains, dirt and grime, and contains wax for protection and a high-gloss finish.

boat care products

All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

Ready-to-use formula that removes the toughest dirt and grime, getting rid of mold, mildew and black streaks. Works above and below deck to prevent yellowing, remove surface stains, and eliminate odors across multiple surfaces. For use on vinyl, fiberglass, gelcoat, canvas, non-skid, rubber, plastic and more. Removes waterline marks, fish blood, and food stains with ease.

boat care products

Vinyl & Plastic UV Protectant

This formula restores a boat’s color and luster while also providing UV blockers for synthetic and natural rubber, all types of vinyl, fiberglass, gelcoat, and most plastic.

Check out the XPS website for these and more products to maintain your boat.