Build A Better Boat Hose

It’s happened to all of us… You finish drying off your boat after giving her a complete wash down from bow to stern when the guy in the slip next to you decides to wash his boat and lets loose with a ton of spray from his boat washdown hose that gets all over your clean hull. Water droplets leave hard water spots, so now you have to do it again.

Don’t be “that guy” and build this simple attachment for your boat washdown hose.

boat washdown hose attachment

When I buy a new hose for the boat it usually comes with metal ends. These can scratch your boat as you drag the hose around the deck, or if and when you drop it. As soon as I bring the hose home from the store, I replace the metal end with a good plastic one using stainless-steel screws.

I’ll also make a simple attachment for the hose nozzle by cutting off six to eight inches of hose and attaching it to the tip of the nozzle. I always use a plastic nozzle with a threaded end, which allows you to add your hose attachment without turning the hose off on the dock. You just screw it right on.

Adding a section of hose to the nozzle allows you to shoot a solid stream of water with much less overspray, so you don’t douse the folks around you.

The extra bit of hose also comes in handy when filling the water tanks on your boat.

You don’t have to remove the nozzle, just stick the extra length of hose in the water fill. The extra hose helps the nozzle stay in place so you can do something else while the water tanks fill up.

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