Tigress Boat Accessories Increase Your Fishing Capacity

I’ve just recently finished a custom boat build project and I was able to lay it out just like I wanted within the constraints of my budget.

24 Morgan

I knew where I wanted rod holders and that you can never have too many.

As soon as we started fishing it, I realized I needed a few more.  We love to bottom fish and there are several different rigs we use on each rod.  Multiply this by your fishing crew, and you have a pile of rods at the ready.  Add in our spinners and sabiki rods standing by for action and we filled up all of the convenient rod holders on the boat. Dang It!

Tigress rod clusters

I knew that rod clusters worked well because we used them on several of the larger sportfish boats I used to run.  A rod cluster turns one rod holder into 5.  There are many other rod holder configurations as well for specific applications like kite fishing, another rod intensive method.

I searched around and decided on the Tigress GS Five rod cluster.  This quality-made cluster is created using cold-drawn, high polished anodized aluminum.  Tigress also makes a larger model they call the Five Banger, but I decided the more compact GS Five would serve me better on a smaller center console.  It has been perfect and serves the purpose well.

Tigress rod clusters

The GS Five creates a spot up forward where we can quickly clear and store rods while bottom fishing or clearing the trolling spread to fight a big fish.

Many anglers use Tigress’s Trident and other kite rod combos. They offer triples, doubles, and ones with built-in cup holders.

Of course, Tigress offers so much more than just rod clusters.  They have outrigger systems, dredge booms, flush mount rod holders, rigging kits, kites, marine hardware, and custom accessories.

Tigress rod clustersBest of all, they are designed and built by real fishermen who solve the problems of real fishermen!

Check out the Tigress website to see all of their incredible gear!