The Storage Solution

Boat Outfitters Storage Solutions for boats

Getting your boat organized is important for fishing, fun and safety. Boat Outfitters has the solution to all your boat rigging needs. They can make it custom too.

King Starboard Material

Many of their products are made from the very durable and saltwater impervious King Starboard Material. This material is perfect for building many accessories for boats and the possibilities are endless.

BoatOutfitters manufacturing process

Using state of the art CNC machines, if Boat Outfitters can dream it, they can cut and shape it from King Starboard.

King Starboard Custom Tackle Boxes

The products start on the computer, but the assembly process is still done by hand to ensure quality work. Care is given to each component to smooth it and make it look custom.

Boat Outfitters custom logo engraving

Boat Outfitters can put custom engraving into many products to highlight your boat’s name or anything you can dream up.

Boat Outfitters Drink holder

Boat Outfitters Drink and tackle holders will greatly increase the user friendly aspect of your boat.

Installing custom boat outfitters tackle box

Installing a custom Boat Outfitters tackle box can fully utilize wasted spaces on you boat. Being organized will help you catch more fish.

Tuna Jihad Custom boat outfitters tackle box

Custom slots for Plano storage boxes organize the many hooks and lures that you need to have at the ready. Drawers hold larger items like spools of leader, gloves and knives.

Boat Outfitters custom design

A Boat Outfitters custom design will be made to fit your boat and utilize the maximum space available.

Large Boat Outfitter Tackle Station

A tackle center makes the most out of limited boat space.

Brant rigs at custom tackle station

A custom tackle station can increase your work surface, while protecting and organizing your tackle and tools.

Custom starboard drawer layout

You can even pick how you want the drawers to be laid out.

Tonys tuna fishing custom tackle station

Capt. Tony of Tony’s Tuna Fishing in PEI had a custom tackle center made and he loves it. All his tackle is protected, handy and it also has custom slots to hold his cooker for seafood.

Typical Truck Bed Fishing Rod Mess

Boats are not the only thing in fishing that need organizing. Truck beds are notorious for looking like this. This gives your outfits a beating.

Boat Outfitters Truck Bed Rod Holders

Boat Outfitters Truck Bed Rod Holders are the solution. Once again their well thought out and executed design is realized in the products they sell.

Truck Bed rod holders

The system also comes with a locking cable to protect your major investments if you have to step away from the truck.

Boat Outfitters suction cup Drink holder

Don’t want to drill a hole in your boat, try a tool and drink holder that suction cups where you want it. Super strong suction cups pump up and hold up to 120 pounds of suction.

Boat Outfitters suction cup Leader holder

Boat Outfitters Leader holder is a great way to keep leader spools handy. I like to make one side mono and the other for fluorocarbon. Tools and knives also have custom spots to store safely.

Custom Made boat outfitters tackle station

Completely customizable, Boat will work closely with you to reinvent the way tackle is stored on your boat.

Boat outfitters custom hatch doors

Does your boat have old wood hatch openings? Boat Outfitters can design custom replacement parts for your boat.

Visit boat outfitters today

Do yourself a favor and check out Boat Outfitters today. If they don’t have it, they can make it.