Seakeeper 2 Gyro Stabilizer For Smaller Boats

Seakeeper 2 Gyro Stabilizer

seakeeper 2 demo - Seakeeper 2 gyro stabilizer

Seakeeper 2 is revolutionizing the small boat experience!

Seakeeper has brought their incredible boat-stabilizing gyro to boaters in the 27′ to 32′ foot range with their smallest unit yet; the Seakeeper 2.  You have to feel it in person to believe it and you can set up a Seakeeper 2 demo to see it for yourself.  A longtime favorite gyro stabilizer of big yachts and large sportfish boats, Seakeeper has steadily been able to scale down the size of Seakeeper units so that more and more boaters can access their ability to eliminate almost all of the roll out of a boat on the water.  The Seakeeper 2 is the culmination of these efforts and the smallest to date; so far!

Seakeeper 2 gyro stabilizerAn integral part of getting Seakeeper running on smaller vessels was the conversion to a DC powered unit.  Most small boats lack generators, but now that is not keeping you from tapping the power of the Seakeeper.

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