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Pelican AirPelican products have been the gold standard for sportsmen, professionals and serious hobbiest for many years, but now something has changed.

Pelican has somehow made their cases even better!

Introducing two great new products from the experts at Pelican, the Pelican Air Cases and the Pelican 12 Can Soft Cooler.  Both of these products were designed to lighten the load but maintain Pelican quality and ruggedness.

pelican protectorThe Pelican Air Cases are the brain child of Pelican’s engineers who were driven to improve upon Pelican’s 40-year reign over the hard case market.  Now Pelican’s Air Cases are 40% lighter and new models are 45% deeper.  In fact there are many new sizes, each one customizable on the inside for a myriad of uses.

Pelican Air Cases

  • Molded from the next generation of Pelican’ lightweight HPX™ resin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking
  • Honeycomb structural elements that are actually stronger than solid polymer material
  • Super-stiff “full-box” sections engineered to create hollow parts

It wouldn’t be a Pelican™ case if you couldn’t sink it, drop it, or kick it – and the Pelican™ Air case is no different.

  • Drop-tested on concrete with loads from six feet on all sides and corners
  • Submerged for 20 minutes at a depth of one meter
  • Wheels are roll tested over 914 meters
  • 28 lbs (12.7 kg) steel dart dropped on all sides from one meter

The original Pelican Protector Case has evolved into a line with over 60 sizes since its inception in 1976.  Now the new Pelican Air Cases will offer additional sizes including both long or deep variations never offered before.

Now there will be a Pelican Air Case for every occasion.

pelican coolerIn addition, Pelican has also brought their dedication to quality to the soft cooler market.  The new Pelican 12 Can Soft Cooler is the perfect little cooler for your life on the go.

Offering a convenient and lightweight alternative to hard coolers, The Pelican™ Elite Soft Cooler is ADVENTURE READY. This Soft Cooler is durable, easy to carry, waterproof, leakproof, and keeps ice for multiple days.

pelican casePelican 12 Can Soft Cooler

  • Quick access, dual-lock buckle system
  • 100% Leak proof TIZIP® Zipper
  • Compression molded anti-slip base
  • Durable tie-down side anchor points

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Pelican Products Available @ Nalpak

Check out these Pelican products and many more at Nalpak, a unique company founded in 1980, now offers their customers a personal shopping experience in their store at 1267 Vernon Way, El Cajon, CA or on their easy to use website;

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