Local Knowledge Welcomes Bubba Blade To Season 4

The crew of Local Knowledge fishing show is excited to welcome Bubba Blade, maker of knives and tools, to the show lineup in Season 4 airing this spring.

Bubba Blade knives have been sweeping the outdoor world with their popular and easy to recognize, big red grip.  That grip is one of the amazing qualities of a wide variety of fillet and outdoor knives that Bubba Blade offers anglers, hunters and general outdoorsmen.

Bubba Blade explains it best, “We started with a full tang blade construction for better balance and weight distribution, added a thermoplastic polymer handle and wrapped that with a special synthetic rubber made out of the strongest compounds on the market today. The handle is big enough so that you have outstanding grip security, and it feels great in your hand. The handle has multiple thumb and finger positions so you can apply pressure when you need to cut through the tough part of a fish. As for our steel, after months of research, we went with 8CR13MOV. We feel that it is the best steel on the planet for what fishermen and hunters want. This is a high carbon stainless steel with a Rockwell rating for hardness of 56-58, which is typically found in much more expensive knives. Simply put, this steel is the best we could find that would hold a razor sharp edge longer and take an edge when resharpening it.”

Now Bubba Blade offers the same great no-slip, comfortable grip on a line of fishing pliers and tools.  Check out some of the new offerings on the Bubba Blade website and stay tuned for many more to come online in the near future.

Bubba Blade was created by fishermen who felt there had to be a better solution to fish cleaning equipment.  Searching for the best grip and blade materials for a knife that would still be affordable, yet fully functional was a challenge.  But Bubba Blade has proven successfully achieved this delicate balance.

Visit the Bubba Blade website to see all of their great products and welcome to the Local Knowledge Team.