AHI USA & Promar Products For All Anglers

Ahi USA & Promar have great products for anglers on both the West and East Coasts of the US. Check out their Assault Diamond Assist Jigs, Live Deception Cedar Plugs, and Elite Series Gaffs for your inshore and offshore fishing needs.

Ahi Assault Diamond Assist Jigs

Ahi Assault Diamond Assist jigsAhi Assault Diamond Assist jigs have become a staple for anglers on both the West and East Coasts of the U.S. The reputation for their fish catching 3-D holographic reflective finish is spreading around the world too as anglers carry them on their bucket list trips.  The enhanced rigging makes the Assault Diamond Assist jig more reliable and ready to tackle the toughest gamefish on any tackle.  West Coast anglers use these jigs for all sizes of tuna, halibut, rockfish and lingcod while Northeast Coast fishermen chase striped bass, bluefish, cod and tuna.  Southern anglers use them to score grouper, snapper, amberjack, king mackerel and more.

swordfish caught on Ahi USA Assault Diamond Assist JigAnywhere you need a durable jig with lots of flash, great action and sturdy rigging, the Assault Diamond Assist Jig is the one!

Ahi USA Assault Diamond Assist JigThese jigs are available in five tantalizing colors schemes in 4, 6, 8, and 10-ounce sizes.

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Ahi Live Deception Cedar Plugs

yellowfin tuna caught on Ahi Live Deception cedar plugThe Ahi Live Deception Cedar Plugs are another must have item for any offshore angler’s arsenal.

Cedar plug trolling lures have been a staple of offshore anglers for many decades, but Ahi has taken this classic to a new fish-catching level with the latest technology in image transfer and laser printing. This new revolutionary process transfers real images of live baitfish directly onto the cedar plug body. The result is an extremely realistic baitfish finish that is closest to being the real thing. The laser transfer not only produces the very highest level of detail and accuracy, but makes one of the most chip and peel resistant finishes available.

Ahi USA Live Deception Cedar PlugsPerformance tuned and balanced for accurate swim presentation, these plugs also include a notched tail for precise hook placement and perfect hook sets when a fish strikes.  Live Deception Cedar Plugs are 6-inches long and rigged with 150# fluorocarbon leader and a 10/0 Mustad hook.   They also come in a Daisy Chain version with three additional 4-inch, unrigged plugs in front of the business end for incredible fish “teasing” action.

Ahi USA Live Deception cedar plugs

Ahi Live Deception Cedar Plugs come in the realistic patterns of anchovy, blue mackerel, green mackerel, mahi(dorado) and sardine.

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Promar Elite Series Gaffs

Promar Elite Series GaffOnce your Ahi lures have worked their magic, you now have your catch boat side and in need of landing.  Promar ushers in the Elite Series Gaff that is made specifically to close the deal at this moment in fishing.

promar Elite Series gaffsThese heavy-duty, yet extremely light weight gaffs are constructed from the latest high tensile strength carbon fiber technology. The tapered carbon fiber shaft offers anglers a feather weight, flexible, and extremely durable gaff that is easy to maneuver through water when landing big game fish.

promar products elite series gaffs Each gaff comes outfitted with a beefy corrosion resistant #316 stainless steel hook and custom wrapped grips that will ensure solid control. Grip sections feature thick hand-wrapped tuna-cord enhanced with a clear epoxy to maximize friction and grip. Each section is finished off with Turks heads on each end of the wrap. These gaffs are finished with deck friendly butt caps at the end of the shaft to protect against scratching or damage to the boat and also minimizes deck noise when in a finicky bite.

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