AFTCO Throws Back With Vintage Boatbar Shirts

AFTCO celebrates its 60th anniversary with these retro-inspired vintage fishing shirts.

Started in 1958, AFTCO began to sell roller guides for saltwater anglers. During the last 60 years, AFTCO has redefined fishing apparel and in celebration, they are bringing back these vintage fishing shirt designs using their latest technical features.  Welcome the Boatbar shirt.

boatbar shirts

These modern shirts are made of 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton, cape vented back, dual front pockets with snap closure and AFBLOCK UPF 30 sun protection.

Relive the AFTCO heritage with the Boatbar Technical shirt available for the Original Saltwater Angler.

Hit up the AFTCO site for these awesome shirts and so much more.