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Trailer Rust Blues – Go New Or Refurbished?

trailer tipsOne all-important aspect of owning a trailer-size boat is dependably getting to the water and back.  Another inevitable fact of trailering is that after that very first dip in the water, the clock starts counting down on the usable life of a trailer’s components.  If you fish saltwater, your clock ticks faster, but even freshwater use will eventually wear down steel parts.

trailer optionsAs you near the end of your trailer’s life, one is left to weigh the pros and cons of buying a new trailer versus rebuilding your existing one.  The crew at Pacific Trailers offers both options and some advice for those who are trying to figure out which path to take.

Like all decisions, many factors come into play and must be considered.

One of the main considerations in this decision is the current condition of your existing trailer and how it is designed. Refurbishing consists of replacing the many parts that attach to the trailer frame.  You must consider the condition of the main frame, as it will be the base upon which you build.

trailer partsIf it you have a “box tube” trailer frame, you may be better off with a new one.  The box tube trailers rust from the inside out as opposed to open channel frames that are exposed and do not suffer this problem.

boat trailersIf you do have an open channel frame, you have the option of refurbishing it by replacing brakes, bearings, springs, brackets and bunks.  You can find just about any boat trailer parts on their website.

By taking the rebuild path, boaters can save thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a new trailer.

Depending on the size of your boat, a new trailer can cost more than $5,000 dollars, but refurbishing your current trailer could cost a fraction of that.

trailer partsWhile a new trailer may come with the most recent technology and corrosive resistant parts, new parts from Pacific Trailers will be of the same quality and fitted components will carry a warranty via Pacific Trailers as well as the original manufacturer’s warranty.

trailer brakesPacific Trailers can make your older trailer work and last like a new one!

Of course whether you buy new or refurbish your old trailer, consistent maintenance is a key factor in slowing that time clock of decay.  Check out our previous article for maintenance and service tips that will really extend the life of your trailer.

Pacific Trailers offers complete boat trailer repair service and can do a free estimate for the repair of your boat trailer no matter what make or model in their Chino, California warehouse.

Pacific trailersOf course if your trailer frame is shot or you just want to upgrade or start fresh, Pacific Trailers has a wide variety of new boat trailers for sale.  Starting in November 2016, Pacific Trailers will offer their new aluminum I-Beam trailers, which can instantly save you +20% compared to a new galvanized trailer.
They can show you how you can save thousands of dollars with just a phone call.

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New Or RefurbishedCall Pacific Trailers Sales Department at 888-685-5818 for more information on these great new designs or check out all they have to offer at Pacific Trailers website ( or by visiting either the Chino or Newark locations in California.

Pacific Trailers is California’s one-stop-shop for everything to do with your trailer.