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Here at BD, we have a lot of gizmos and gadgets come across our desks. Some are cool, most are well, not so cool. Every once in a while a really unique new product shows up and the Pick Up Truck Fishing Rod Holder from Boat Outfitters is one of those.

We fish, pretty much, year round and chase everything that swims in our local waters. We keep our boat in a slip, which means we are always swapping the gear on the boat from bass stuff to cod gear to offshore gear and so on. For years I have wanted a better way to transport my rods and reels to and from the boat without beating them up. Considering a nice rod and reel can run close to a thousand dollars these days, you’ve really got to protect your investment.

Here’s how I used to transport my rods.

I have seen custom fishing rod racks made by tower fabricators in the past and really wanted one. I even ordered one from a guy online and it ended up not fitting. When I went back to him he had mysteriously disappeared with my $600.

Enter Boat Outfitters. These guys have been in the biz of making innovative marine accessories under their parent company brand, Teak Isle, for years. They make OEM tackle systems and just about every starboard component for boat manufacturers. Teak Isle recognized the need for aftermarket storage systems and accessories and started Boat Outfitters to bring these products to the public.

When they first showed us their new Truck Fishing Rod Holder design at this year’s Miami Boat Show, I had to have one. Their system was a completely new design that had a ton of thought behind it.

The Fishing Rod Holder was made of welded, powder-coated aluminum and had several key features I had never seen before. It was obvious these guys set out to make a top quality product and succeeded.

The first thing that I really liked was the mounting system. They have designed a two-piece clamp system that “grabs” the factory tie down loops in your truck bed. No need to drill holes in your expensive pickup! I wasn’t sure how this would hold up to the heavy weight of a full rack of rods, but it’s rock solid, even with my big electric reels in the holders. The system is simple, strong and easy to install.

The second unique feature is the fact that the entire thing is removable. This will come in handy next time you need to move a refrigerator or lumber or anything that you want to shove against the front of your bed. You just remove two thumb screws on each side, unlock the provided locks and the whole fishing rod bar comes right out leaving just the small clamps behind.

The other thing that I love about the rack is the rod/reel locking system. They rig a stainless cable with lock to one side of the rack. You just thread the cable through your reel lug, frame or even handles and then back through the rack on the other side and use the provided cable lock. This innovative feature that the Boat Outfitters guys designed makes that mad dash inside the store on the way home from fishing less stressful.

The installation couldn’t have been simpler. It took me about 15 minutes with a screwdriver and it was in. All you really have to do is install the clamps on both sides of your bed, pop the rod bar on and tighten the thumbscrews.

If you really want to take care of your expensive fishing gear, you need to give the Pick Up Truck Fishing Rod Holder from Boat a serious look. It retails for $435.49 and is available for GM, Ram, Ford and Toyota trucks.

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Boat Outfitters PickUp Rod Holder

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