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Boat Outfitters line buster and knot tightener

The boys at Boat Outfitters are already known for making all kinds of cool boat storage products out of indestructible King Starboard. When we saw the new Line Buster Knot Tool, we weren’t sure what to make of it. It kind of looks like an anchor but made of Starboard. But once we saw it in action, we realized that this is a must have fishing tool.

In a word, this little tool is cool. How many times have you pulled on your braid to mono connection with bare hands and cut yourself?

Unfortunately it happens to us all the time. Braided line is well established in the world of fishing. Its thin no-stretch properties are great for fishing, but one must use caution as it is also like playing with a knife. Braid VS body parts: body parts loose every time. This simple device will eliminate all those pesky or severe line cuts and more.

By wrapping the braid around the “cleat” side of the tool, you give yourself a solid handhold on that sharp braid that will allow you to pull your knots tighter and make sure they are up to task. This will come in handy not only for tying knots but also for freeing up snags easily and safely.

The tool also has a small hole drilled in the end of it that you can run a hook through to cinch down and test your connection at that end.

For $5 we think this product is a no brainer. It fits easily into a rod holder or a pocket and it will quickly pay for itself in saved skin!