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Getting Boat and Car Insurance For Mexico Trips

Getting Mexican Insurance

Southern California boaters and fishermen have it good in two ways. First, fishing can be amazing in SoCal’s home waters, especially the last few years when unusually warm water brought many trophy exotic fish further north than normal.

Travel Baja boat insurance Coverage Mexico
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Secondly, SoCal boaters have the option to make the run into Mexico to tap into the incredible sportfishing in Mexico’s fertile offshore and nearshore waters. Boaters also have the option to trailer their smaller boats below the border as well.  While it would be so simple to just run across the border in your boat, fish and run back home, it is not legal to do so without having the proper permits, paperwork and insurance policies and endorsements in place.

Mexico’s enforcement of these laws ebbs and flows, but the bottom line is that you need to be legal when you cross the line.

Gary Graham, our Baja Bytes editor just finished a very helpful guide to the steps required when traveling to Mexico by boat or car. Click HERE to learn more.

Travel Baja boat insurance Coverage Mexico
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One of the key factors to being legal and smart below the border is to have insurance on your boat or vehicle. In fact it is required by Mexican law that boaters have liability and legal coverage from a Mexican carrier while they are in Mexico. It may sound hard, but it actually pretty easy to get coverage online.

But what company should you use?

I asked the insurance specialists at BoatUS for advice. BoatUS offers great, comprehensive insurance plans to boaters in the U.S. and they explained how to go about getting coverage in Mexico as well as the steps to getting a travel rider to continue your U.S. based coverage while abroad. Mike Pellerin, VP of Underwriting for BoatUS, explained the ins and outs of travel coverage. “We have a great partnership with, a Mexican insurance carrier, and they offer great service to get boaters legal and covered. You can get everything taken care of online and it is really simple. You can buy one day of insurance or a whole year, the choice is yours.” said Mike. “In addition, if you have a BoatUS policy on your boat here in the states, you will need to call us and arrange a cruising area endorsement before you head out of the country. This will keep your policy coverages in place during your trip. We will have some simple questions about the parameters of your trip, but it must be done before you leave. You can get this for your boat if you trailer it down or if you go by water, we may have a few more questions about where you will keep the boat, will it be attended and things along those lines. Either way, BoatUS will have you covered.”

Simple Steps To Get Mexican Liability Coverage At Mexpro

  1. Visit and choose the icon for the type of insurance you need.
  2. Enter your desired dates for coverage.
  3. Enter the required information on your watercraft or auto: type, year, length, etc.
  4. Answer coverage questions
  5. Get your quote in a matter of minutes with the option to purchase.

Mike went on to talk about what to do if you happen to have a claim while in Mexico. “First you should call the Mexican carrier where you bought the local insurance as well as providing proof of coverage to the local law enforcement. But BoatUS should be right after that as we have experts who can help you navigate the sometimes-stressful process of dealing with accidents outside of the U.S. We even have independent surveyors who can go to Mexico to lend assistance and expertise with claims when the need arises. We try to make it as easy as possible for our customers in the event they have an issue.  Keep in mind that if you have an incident while trailering your boat in Mexico, it will probably be covered by an auto policy, so make sure you are covered for that too.”

Travel Baja boat insurance Coverage Mexico - boat car insuranceboatus fishing - boat car insuranceSo check out BoatUS for your boat and trailer insurance needs here at home, and let them help you plan and prepare for that exciting fishing trip below the border.

Visit BoatUS for more information and don’t forget to check out Gary’s article: An Angler’s Guide To Baja.