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Bluefin tuna | Rigging A Yummy Flyer For Kite Skipping

Skip trolling a yummy flyer off the kite has become a proven method for SoCal anglers when chasing big bluefin tuna. Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge demonstrates the technique that he has successfully deployed during the last few epic seasons catching jumbo SoCal bluefins.

rigging yummee

kite fishing for Bluefin tuna

Rigging for success is the key to any fishery and kite fishing on the troll in no exception.  Ali likes to rig a single 7691 stainless steel Mustad hook in the aft end of the lure.  Crimping 400# leader to the hook and running it through the pre-formed holes in the soft bait, Ali is able to secure the hook right were it needs to be for maximum hook up potential.

mustad kiteThe finished rig is fished from a kite to get the tantalizing imitation bait far away from the boat and keep the heavy tackle out of the water and hidden from the keen, wary eyesight of bluefin tuna.

kite fishing mustadThe fish often launch into the air, burning an epic bite into your mind’s eye.

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