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Blue Water Warriors

wounded warrior

For many of our wounded warriors Blue Water Warriors, coming home is the beginning of unforeseen and unimaginable struggles and hardship. With injuries of all types, our military vets have the long road of recovery and rebuilding ahead of them.

Its a fact that the many programs involved with getting our vets active in outdoor activities again is a huge asset to their recovery.

Blue Water Warriors has just taken this cause to a new level as they have completed construction on a new boat designed to cater to those with injuries.

Blue Water Warriors

When researching for existing hulls for a suitable boat for their specific purposes, Blue Water Warrior members were unable to find a production boat to fit. Undeterred they set out to design a custom boat built for their purpose.

While it looks like a sleek modern sportfishing center console, the Warrior is fully accessible and functional for wheelchairs and more. Custom built from aluminum and powered by triple Evinrude outboards, the Warrior is ready to begin the healing process for our veterans.

Blue Water Warriors

Many have donated time, money and resources into this labor of love, including the crucial gyro stabilizer which was donated by Seakeeper Inc. This technology will give extra stability to those enjoying a day of fishing or cruising.

“The Blue Water Warriors program provides a revolutionary means for injured warriors to achieve rehabilitation goals and reclaim capabilities lost”, says the Blue Water Warrior Facebook page. “Imagine if you were 30 years old, had undergone more than 35 surgeries in 9 months, had lost both legs above the knee, were missing fingers, and had severe damage to your hands and forearms. Imagine if these injuries were your daily struggle – all day, every day, for the rest of your life.

What would you miss? What would you give to have the chance to do what you used to take for granted, to surmount what seems insurmountable?

Blue Water Warriors is about helping combat veterans with severe injuries achieve recovery outside of the grind of hospital-based rehabilitation facilities.”

We can all help by lending our resources as a thank you to all veterans who have sacrificed to protect and ensure our freedom.

If you find yourself in the South Florida area today on Veteran’s Day, you can come check out the Warrior at the Dania Beach Boat Club and Marina from 4 till 8 PM.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause or if you are a veteran who is interested in the program, you can get more details at Blue Water Warriors website.

A big thanks from BD to those who serve our country and to those like Blue Water Warriors who give back to them as well.