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Blacktip Gear by West Marine

Blacktip Gear Review West Marine

West Marine has a new product line called Blacktip. We recently had the opportunity to use some of these products in our home waters of Southern California and Baja’s Sea of Cortez. We want to share with you our first impressions of these quality products that range from fishing tools to fishing apparel.

Blacktip Gear Review West Marine

In a quest to insure safety to the angler and a healthy release of the fish, Blacktip has produced their sturdy, titanium-coated dehooker. Sturdy and easy to grip, this tool can reach down a toothy mouth to safely remove a hook with minimal stress to the fish and your hand.

Blacktip Gear Review West Marine

The dehooker gets a firm grip on the hook while keeping your hand a safe distance from teeth or other hooks. It’s also better for the health of the fish as hooks can be removed quickly for a lively release.

The titanium coating makes the tool very corrosion resistant, even in the harsh saltwater environment. A must have aboard any fishing boat.

Visit a West Marine store in your area or shop online, and check out the Blacktip line of products.