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Fishing Reality TV Show

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If you’ve ever thought about trying out for a reality show such as Survivor or the Amazing Race, then you’ll definitely want to hear about a new television concept that will follow big-game fishermen as they live the life, chasing marlin and tuna.

The producers of the Bisbee’s Black and Blue, the largest big-money marlin tournament in the world, has teamed up with Fischer Productions, producers of such shows as Wanna Go Fishing, Offshore Adventures and the phenomenally successful Shark Men — Expedition Great White, to create a TV docudrama series aimed at showcasing the lifestyle most people only dream about — high stakes big-game fishing.

Fishing Reality TV Show

The producers of the new show will be holding auditions throughout the week of the Black & Blue tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — October 18-22.

If this sounds like something you or your crew might be interested in, and could potentially be your 15 minutes of fame. For more information, contact Carey Bisbee at 816-668-6498 or email [email protected].

The producers can fill you in on the details and arrange a time for the Fischer cameramen to shoot some footage of your crew. Make sure to put on your team shirts, buff up those flip-flops and smile!