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Billfish Spring Training At Casa Vieja Lodge

guatemala-sailfish Casa Vieja Lodge NewsYou train and prepare for everything else you do in life, why not for fishing?

Rigorous training leads to proven results and equates to first place tournament wins. Trust in the best with your summer tournament preparation and secure your investments. No heavy lifting involved.

spring trainingOur Spring Training consists of an average 15 – 18 daily billfish bites. In layman terms, the more chances you have to swing, the less likely you are to miss when you step up to bat! If you are stepping up to the likes of the renowned Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic or White Marlin Open, then you must prepare because usually ONE fish is all it takes to WIN BIG! Don’t let the lack of training get in the way!

Casa Vieja is easy to get to!

  • 2 hr flight from Miami or Houston
  • 2.5 hr flight from Dallas or Atlanta
  • VIP Airport reception and a 90 min drive to our lodge
  • Average of 15-25 mile run to fishing grounds

People who say spring training isn’t necessary never tried to catch a money fish.

Guatemala fishing

Late spring in Guatemala is great for a mixed plate of sailfish, blue marlin, mahi mahi, and tuna. Make new friends, try different techniques, get tips and tricks from our top tagging mates and captains, and cross Casa Vieja Lodge off your bucket list.

Casa ViejaYou owe it to yourself to check out Casa Vieja Lodge to see first hand how good fishing can be in Guatemala. Visit their website and get more details or chat with their on-line friendly and professional staff.