Go Fish for Big Bluefin

Go fishGo fish! I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing about bluefin tuna lately. Bluefin reports, bluefin tactics, bluefin tackle, if it starts with “bluefin” I’m pretty sure that I’ve written something about it over the last couple months. But just when I thought that I’d said all I had to say on the subject, I realized that I’d neglected to share the most important advice of all.

There’s a good chance that this tuna bite is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, so remember to enjoy it.

13415380_1195574393810455_242787346325416864_oEnjoy the fact that the fish are biting even though you’re stuck at work, anticipating going fishing is almost as good as being on the water. Enjoy spending way too much money at the tackle store stocking up on lures you’ve never needed before. Enjoy tweaking out on your tackle for hours at a time while wondering if it’s tough enough to get the job done.

IMG_6554Enjoy giving your credit card info to reserve a spot on your favorite sport boat. Enjoy getting on the boat and knowing that although the odds are long, you may catch the fish of a lifetime on that trip. Enjoy sharing your excitement with others as you head out to the grounds. Enjoy tipping the crew for working hard, especially on the days you strike out.

IMG_6561Enjoy long phone calls with your fishing buddies as you plan your strategy before heading out on your own boat. Enjoy driving past the bait receiver without stopping because you’re confident you’re going to get one to eat the popper. Enjoy rolling the dice and driving away from the fleet in search of your own fish.

Enjoy the hours of searching for that needle in a haystack. Enjoy finding that needle and casting your lure into it. Enjoy the significance and beauty of the fish even though they won’t bite your lure.

13344647_1228875797131239_4779870316069954308_nEnjoy finally hooking one and watching the line melt off your spool. Enjoy getting your ass kicked by a big fish hooked on the wrong gear. Enjoy the pulled hooks and broken lines, it’s part of the game.

Enjoy having the stars align and getting one of those beautiful fish to gaff. Enjoy the high fives and yelling once the fish is finally aboard. Enjoy the camaraderie among friends as they return home victors.

IMG_6557Enjoy taking good care of that fish and sharing it with friends and neighbors. Enjoy sharing your success story with others. Enjoy going back to work and caring a little less that the fish are biting because you’d already been there and done that.

At some point these fish are going to swim back to Japan, maybe never to return in this volume and proximity. So stop waiting for the bite to improve or stabilize, it could be over tomorrow and you’ll be kicking yourself ten years from now for not at least giving it a shot. Just remember to enjoy it. Now, Go Fish!


Erik Landesfeind
Erik Landesfeind is BD's Southern California Editor and has over 30 years of experience saltwater fishing for a range of species in both California an...