Why Are The Big Bluefin Sticking Around SoCal Waters

The last three fishing seasons in SoCal have been highlighted by the presence of a huge biomass of bluefin tuna.  Each season, they have gotten progressively larger, many already this season breaking the 300-pound “super-cow” mark.

SoCal has not seen a tuna run like this since the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Capt. Dave Hansen of Your Saltwater Guide shares his theory on why the bluefin have continued to feed and create epic fishing opportunities for SoCal anglers.  “I think the epic bluefin bite is a direct result of the bait that is hanging here in our area as well as the strict regulations on purse seining that are now in place. The fish have been making a loop following the food source and bordered by water conditions that turn them back for another round in our fishing grounds.”

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