BFT Video Onboard Tomahawk Sportfishing

Recently, Bloodydecks sponsored a 1-3/4 day trip aboard the Tomahawk out of Fisherman’s Landing.  Our own Jake Zalesky and Rodney Marquez were on board to pass out the goodies and get a taste of local bluefin tuna action for themselves.  We asked Jake his thoughts on his first overnight trip; “I guess I would say simply how addicting this type of fishing was. This was my first adventure on a multi-day trip for big bluefin and the fight was  like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was truly man vs. beast and that feeling of battling a 70-pound fish on the end of that line is a feeling I want to continue to pursue.”

Jake’s first BFT aboard the Tomahawk out of Fisherman’s Landing.

They both were able to check the local bluefin box on this trip!

Rodney described the trip, “We had 1 drift on the bluefin tuna that lasted for 4-5 hours. We got tuna to bite on fly lined 30-60# floro, deep sinker rigs, 80 gram colt snipers, and 120 gram flat falls. Everyone was following instructions, crew members working, everyone respecting the game of charter fishing. It was a great feeling landing my first bluefin, however an even better feeling when capturing everyone’s stoke on the boat.  I can’t wait to go again.”


Check out the Tomahawk Sportfishing website to learn more or book you next adventure.