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Big Bermuda Bluefin Tuna

The Cards are some of the best-known fishermen in Bermuda. Capt. Alan Card has been fishing these storied waters for more than 40 years, and has caught six blue marlin weighing more than 1,100 pounds over the course of his career. Alan’s son Ian Card has worked on sportfishing boats for more than 20 years and is currently the first mate on the Challenger, which Alan captains. Ian is one of the best big-game mates in the business and made headlines in 2006 when an 800-pound blue marlin jumped across the cockpit, speared him through the chest and pulled him overboard. Ian’s near-death experience made the international news, but thankfully he made a full recovery and continues to fish with his family.

The latest Card to make the news is Alan’s brother, Andrew Card, who is also a captain but often fishes by himself and sells the grouper, wahoo and tuna he catches on the banks off Bermuda. Technically Andrew would be considered a commercial fishermen, but he catches his fish on rod and reel. It was on one of these trips in early February that Andrew hooked into the largest bluefin tuna anyone in Bermuda has ever seen.

The bluefin didn’t bite a live bait or your typical big-game lure. The fish snatched up a Bomber diving lure. Andrew was fishing in 180 feet of water at Argus Bank, located about 30 miles offshore of Bermuda, when the bluefin snatched up his lure. Andrew picked up the rod, and began battling the fish on a Shimano Triton 50-wide reel rigged with 80-pound line. After a two-hour fight, Andrew managed to get the big fish to the boat, but being alone, he now had the monumental task of getting this big fish through the tuna door in his transom. The sharks started to circle and managed to bite off a portion of the bluefin’s tail meat.

Andrew boated the fish and back at the scales it weighed in at 920 pounds. The fish beat out the island record bluefin, a 727-pounder that just happened to be caught by Alan Card several years back.

For more information on fishing with the Cards, visit www.bigfishbermuda.com.

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Big Bermuda Bluefin Tuna