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BD Shout Out To Hurricane Relief Volunteers

hurricaneNatural disaster always brings out the best in so many people.  Hurricane Michael recently tore a hole in the lives of so many in the panhandle of Florida.  Once again, so many self-less people have donated and volunteered to help all of those impacted by the wrath of the storm.  We thank everyone who has offered help and support for storm victims.

We would also like to shout out to Capt. Robert Butler of TowBoatUS in San Diego.  Capt. Butler is one of these people who drops everything to help those in need.

With help from Casey Fodo and many others

After gathering supplies from local sources, Capt. Butler loaded up his 25-foot trailer and hit the road on a cross country drive to bring support to storm survivors in Florida. Upon arriving in Florida and unloading, Capt. Robert continued driving further east to gather supplies donated to various TowBoatUS centers on the East Coast.

He has just completed his third load of supplies and logged a bunch of miles.  He is not seeking attention, just looking to help those in need, which is a theme in all his actions.

hurricane“Capt. Butler is a San Diego native and just one of those great guys who is always looking to help those around his community.  A genuinely good human being!”, said BD’s Mike Bohn.

Arrival to Mexico Beach, Florida with badly needed supplies from San Diego, CA.

Capt. Butler summed it up in a post after his return home to San Diego, “Mission accomplished!!! We drove 7000 miles, 125 hours of windshield time and delivered over 12,000-pounds of supplies between our friends in San Diego and Phoenix and Clarke Droney and our friends on the Eastern Seaboard. Casey Fodo was a rock star, helping out every step of the way and sharing the driving duties.  Now it’s time for a glass of Johnny Walker Blue Label and a nap.”

If you can help those affected by Hurricane Michael, find a reputable charity to donate to or you could always load up and hit the road.  Either one is much appreciated!

Photo Credit: TowBoatUS San Diego Facebook