About BD Outdoors

What started as the fishing forum Bloodydecks.com has progressed into BD Outdoors, a complete online magazine with how-to articles, gear reviews, fishing reports and much more. This is how it happened…

In 2003, Jason Hayashi and Ali Hussainy started their own fishing forum, Bloodydecks.com, because they felt the sportfishing community needed a site where anglers could freely speak their mind. The angling world jumped on board and Bloodydecks.com experienced unprecedented growth, becoming the largest, most-active sportfishing website in the world, logging more than 750,000 unique visitors each month and 11 million page views.

As traffic grew, the Bloodydecks team decided to fill another need in the sportfishing world and create a website where outdoorsmen could get all of their fishing news and coverage in one place. That’s when the idea for BD Outdoors was born.

In BD Outdoors, we offer our community in-depth articles on a wide range of topics, from how-to and technique pieces to travel destinations to gear reviews to boating stories to hunting and even recipes. Users can still chat it up the forums, but they also receive magazine-quality articles in a unique and engaging format complete with photo galleries and video.

BD Outdoors belongs to our members as much as it belongs to the staff.

We could never have gotten to this point without the help of our passionate community.

BD Outdoors continues the tradition set forth by Bloodydecks and gives anglers a forum to openly share and discuss topics related to their favorite pastime without fear of censorship. Our online community has compiled a vault of sportfishing information on a wide range of topics. BD Outdoors builds upon this virtual reference guide of user-generated content in the forums, which remain intact.

As always, BD Outdoors will provide the most up-to-date relative fishing and outdoors news and articles online for FREE, 24 hours a day.



Ali Hussainy, Co-Founder, President

Jason Hayashi, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Cory “Corky” Duggin, Email Management


Mike Bohn, Ad sales, Business Development


Capt. Scott Goodwin, Editorial Director

Derek Redwine, Creative Director

Mike Torbisco, Visual Director

Capt. Steve Lassley, Offshore Editor

Erik Landesfiend, Southern California Editor

Gary Graham, Baja Editor

Capt. Robert “Fly” Navarro, Caribbean Editor

Chef Steve Black, Recipes Editor

Nate Treadwell, Hunting Editor

Bill Boyce, Contributor At Large

Adrian Gray, Contributing Photographer



Capt. Dave Hansen, California Inshore / Offshore

Capt. Todd Mansur, California Offshore

Capt. Mark Wisch, California

Tony Peña, Panama and Central America

Capt. Brad Philipps, Guatemala

Capt. Andy Mezirow, Alaska

Capt. Tommy Donlin, Pacific Northwest

Capt. Juan Moll, Puerto Vallarta

Capt. Scott Goodwin, Offshore Academy, Central Florida

Capt. Nick Stancyzk, Florida Keys

Capt. Tony DiGiulian, South Florida

Capt. Damon Sacco, New England



Michelle Gandola, Marketing Director

Jake Zalesky, Social Manager

Dr. Jeff Barr, Reception, Fishdope,
Satfish, Cardboard Management,
Candy Restocking


Email: [email protected]

San Diego, CA

858-560-5525 Office
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