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Bass Boat Blue Marlin – A Fish Story

Bass Boat Blue Marlin

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The planets had aligned for SoCal Angler Kevin Mattson.  Kevin is no stranger to chasing big fish and from what I gather, when he sets his mind to something, he goes on a mission.  This was the case in this story, but this time, Kevin’s goal was a bit out of the norm.

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With the crazy warm water fishing going on, Kevin made up his mind he was going to catch a marlin from his 17-foot, 1987 Ranger bass boat.  He had rigged up some marlin jigs, installed some rod holders, and bought some spare gas cans to supplement his 22-gallon fuel tank.  He had been putting in some time pulling the lures around but had had no sign of billfish to date.

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Last week however that all changed; Kevin had spent the day trolling with no action and was running back into Mission Bay.  As he approached the 9-Mile Bank, he saw some flying fish and noticed the water looked really good.  He pulled it back and threw the lures back in right before dark.

He was surfing the waves down-sea at about 11-knots when his OKUMA MAKIRA 30 started screaming.

A big marlin jumped as it sped away.  He had no chair, fighting belt or stand-up harness to assist in the battle.  He moved to the bow of the boat and used the chair pedestal and trolling motor as leverage points at various times. The fish pulled the light-weight craft and Kevin held on, gaining line at times and losing it a lot.

Kevin recalled, “ At one point I was using my trolling motor as a pivot point, like the rail of a sportboat.  I laid my Phenix 700SX4 over it and see sawed on the fish with the rise and fall of the waves.  I was by myself, in the dark, doing battle.

I had absolutely no intention of killing the fish, but after a long up and down battle, the bill rose out of the dark and the fish had died.  Not wanting to waste it, I now spent 45 minutes trying to get the fish in the boat, but finally I ended up tying it alongside and slowly headed for shore.

It was now really late and I was struggling to keep the boat straight in the waves as the weight of the fish made it pull over.  I did have thoughts of the boat flipping, but I made it.  I had to stop the boat twice to refuel and all the while I was thinking that sharks were bound to be tracking us.

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It took about two hours to get to port where three guys helped me pull it up into the boat.

There were mixed emotions; I hated that it died, but was so stoked that I accomplished my goal!”

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I slept in the boat the rest of the night with the fish waiting for the marina to open so we could weigh it.  The fish in the bass boat caused quite a stir and the weight was 315-pounds.

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Congratulations to Kevin Mattson on his perseverance and a nice job on your fish.

You can check out Kevin’s Instagram or Facebook here.