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Baja Bytes Weekly Overview 04/14/17

Rooster Fish

Baja Bytes Weekly Overview

Que Pasa

Mola Mola baja bytes Gonzalo Castillo: “What species is this?
I’ve never seen one before…”

Answer: Mola Mola.
Washed up on the beach next to the Marina at San Jose.

Yet another, odd fish to be found in Baja Sur recently….

Heads up Baja bound boaters . . . Bring your boat registration papers (and trailer papers if applicable). Valid tags on boat are NOT enough. Mexican Federales are checking this really close nowadays. First time for me, and caused problems. Two check points got me!….Lance


Baja Norte

Coronado Islands. . . No report.
Chlorophyll image shows the Islands and the Rockpile to still be in very dirty water.
Same for the inshore area in at Descansofishdope.com

Off the Tijuana Bull Ring and below, dirty brown water; almost looks like red tide. Just a few bass and sculpin are biting, mainly on the plastic with a strip of squid added for scent…fishdope.com

Sportfishing Ensenada
Photo Sammy Susarrey Sportfishing Ensenada

In Ensenada, there are still small yellowtail in the Punta Banda area but no big numbers. Just a few fish.
There are big numbers of legal-sized barracuda and all you want of bonito. The ‘cudas are ranging from right about 4 pounds and 28 inches up to nice fish in the 7- to 8-pound class or about 40 to 45 inches.

The bonito though are mostly little guys in the 2 pound and under size. Both are being caught trolling X-Raps along the lee side of Todos Santos Island and pretty much all over the bay.

Look for bird schools; if you find one, you can catch a bunch of barracuda on the iron. The black/white Tady C with a fixed single hook is hot.

San Quintin

bassRoping the bass!!! We had very windy conditions on both days so our options were limited. We found a spot with the right stuff and dropped the pick while Rory put on a clinic…Captain Kelly Catian

San Quintin Tackle Recommendation & Tips:

1. Yoyo iron set up with 50lb line
2. A bottom set up with 50lb line and rock fish ganions
3. A trolling set up with 60lb line
4. A calico set up with 15lb line

Terminal Tackle:
Various size hooks from 1/0-5/0
Rapala X-rap Magnums ( 15,20,30)
Plastic swimbaits
Sabikis in various sizes
Several yoyo iron (Tady 4/0, Salas 6Xjr, flatfalls)
Torpedo sinkers from 2 to 12oz
Fresh squid for bait
A heavy jacket as it gets really cold!


Cedros Island

Calico Bass fishing continues to improve with more numbers and some better grade fish inhailbut the mix. Yellowtail are still on the deep point near the North end of the Island. Yo-yo iron and dropper loop. Macs are getting a few fish. No WSB on rod and reel but the gill nets are killing tonnage unfortunately. Halibut are along the beaches taking bait and white plastics…Jeff Mariani, Cedros Tackle

The Upper Sea of Cortez

Bahia de Los Angeles No report.

Gonzaga No report.

Baja Sur


fishing packup
Heading out to remote camp for the week. Woooo Hoooo…Shari Bondy


Abreojos Like the sound of one hand clapping No report.

San Lucas Cove

Wind was up so we fished Isla just a few hours. No jurel. We had great fishing for a mixed bag of bass, triggers, reds, cabrilla. Heard of a WSB and two yellows taken in the 7 days that I was there. They used macs…Adam


sea view mexico Loreto yellowtail were “on the chew” this past weekend with the hot spot moving back out from Coronado Island to Carmen’s Punta Lobo. Thursday, Friday and Saturday had solid action on medium-sized yellows for a small private, friends-only tournament. Most of the fish were between 15 and 18 pounds with the tournament’s biggest yellow hitting 28-pounds.

This Thursday our own Tony Davis, previously teased as “Captain Zero,” got some retuPunta Lobo "fishin' hole.rning clients into similar action at the Punta Lobo “fishin’ hole.”
Tom the Grassman” (he sells sod to the golf courses) and his crew managed three more medium yellowtail and then the *&#% hit the fan!
Bang! Twenty minutes later, one more fish and it was a big bass-type bottom fish.

The kind that hangs around underwater boulders waiting for small children to swim by. Grouper . . . and this one was big enough to swallow a pre-teen.
Forty pound leader can pull in a 137-pound grouper!
Not many fishermen these days because of Semana Santa . . . everybody is doing the beach-thing…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

Yellowtail Tuna - Baja Bytes Weekly OverviewWe broke Loreto Brett Granlund’s skunk streak today!! Had a blast with Brett and Stan…Cast N Reel

Puerto López Mateos, Magdalena Bay Report pending…Bob Hoyt

 yellowfin tuna
Dylan Steinberg from Manhattan Beach CA happily hoists a fat yellowfin tuna over his head at the Beach at Bahia de Los Muertos near La Paz. The fish was caught off the high spot just south of Cerralvo Island. He was fishing with the Tailhunter Fleet.

In La Paz


If you look at the actual numbers, it doesn’t look like we had a good week on the water.  If all you looked at were numbers of fish caught, you’d be deceived.  There actually were some very good fish caught!  They just didn’t land many of them!  Big yellowtail and amberjack took lines into the rocks.  Especially true for many of our inexperienced anglers or kids.  These fish don’t “nibble.”  They are freight trains!   So, overall, what came back were a few of this and that.  Some smaller yellowtail. Some jacks.  Some bonito and cabriole.  A few dorado.   Fun days.


This was the spot for not only better action, but more quality fish.  But again, some really nice fish were lost.  If you were looking for action, there as some massive schools of bonito rampaging through the area so.  This was great for the kids or families or just hanging out on the water because you could spank bonito all day and have a blast until your arms fell off.    Some of these weren’t the regular barriletes.  There were some good eating white and blue bonito in the mix that pass very well for their cousins, the yellowfin tuna.

There were also some big feisty jack crevalle, yellow and red snapper and sierra caught.

There’s a lot of mackerel and ballyhoo in the water right now so using live bait, we did get into some nicer grade 25-50 pound yellowfin tuna off the south end of Cerralvo Island.  Chunked fresh calamari also worked.  These are lively, fast-movers and they surprised a lot of our first-timers with the power.  These are not football tuna!   It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks.  There were a lot more boats out there than usual because of the holidays and a lot of boat traffic drives the fish down so we’ll see what happens after the crowds leave.  This could be promising.

Also, it looks like the wahoo are still around and willing to hit those dark Rapalas…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

Down at East Cape, Scorpion Sportfishing featuring El Regalo’s East Cape ReportScorpion Sportfishing

It is spring time and with each passing day it’s starting to feel more like summer on the East Cape. The water is increasing in temperature and clarity. There are more flat calm days and fewer windy days which has allowed us to better explore what is out there. We are finding that there are already signs of a great season to come.



beautiful calm seas - Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
The “Ranch” is my idea of Paradise…Jack Nilsen

Very few boats going out at the moment; however, there’s spectacular weather with beautiful calm seas and balmy days. The water is just starting to warm up. Good bait is available and yes, Eddie has squid for sale at the beach. We are expecting things to break loose any day now…John Ireland

Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort for fishing We couldn’t have asked for a better resort to fish out of than Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort, and a better crew to fish with than that of the Marlintini. Make sure to check them out for your next trip to the East Cape…Promar & Ahi USA



Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas, San Jose del Cabo commented that ocean water temperatures are in the 70 to 74 degree range, actually a bit warmer and clearer close to shore than it has been farther out. Most consistent fishing action recently has been found from the Gordo Banks, north towards La Fortuna, Iman and San Luis Bank. Main bait source the past week was red crabs, caballito and ballyhoo. Not much effort put towards finding the schools of sardina since most charters were using red crab with good results for the red snapper. Surf conditions continue to be high enough that was more challenging for the bait netters to reach the areas where the sardina are schooling.

 red snapper (huachinango)The most productive red snapper (huachinango) action was found on the Gordo Banks, strong currents varied and it would vary from day to day as to where the better bite was found, either on the Inner or Outer Banks; also sea lions continue to be a nuisance, robbing more than their fair share of the catch. The whales have now pretty much vanished from our area, headed back towards their northern summer time feeding grounds. The unusual run of larger-sized crabs continue throughout the region off of San Jose del Cabo, though the more usual smaller red crabs have been the mainstay for bait being used to catch the snapper. The fish are sometimes coming up near the surface, but more often holding in the middle of the water column. Average sizes ranged from 3 to 12 pounds. These excellent eating fish are highly prized for commercial value as well and this has definitely been the main game going on now.

Minimal surface action was being found, a handful of yellowfin tuna to 15-pounds was taken on the troll earlier in the week . . . heard of one or two wahoo and a stray dorado offshore. No billfish action to speak of either. By the end of the month we expect to see improved surface activity, but in the meantime we will be concentrating over the bottom structure. A handful of amberjack, most of them under 15 pounds; we saw one nice 25-pound yellowtail, which was also taken on a red crab bait on the Inner Gordo Bank. Some yellow snapper, leopard grouper, bonito and triggerfish rounded out the bottom catch. Anglers were using various whole and cut bait, as well as yo-yo jigs for this action.

Cabo San Lucas

grouper and snapper - Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
Captain Erick Orozco from the Pisces Hot Rod holding up a 50-pound wahoo caught yesterday…Pisces Sportfishing

Winds Have Died Down!
Fishing is good for grouper and snapper along with a few amberjack and a decent yellowtail bite.

The full moon has brought the billfish catches to a near standstill and adding to the tough elements of Mother Nature is that the water clarity has turned dismally green which normally finds the fish leaving the area.

The billfish bite had just started to get back into good action when the moon came full and the water rolled over to green; the fish have virtually left the area again and we need to wait it out to see what is going to develop.

Cabo Climate: A mostly sunny and warm week minus one partly cloudy day on Saturday. Daytime temps averaged 77.4 degrees and nights at 65 degrees. Humidity ratio averaged 61.4%.

Sea Conditions: The Pacific side, from the shoreline to 7 or 8 miles off shore was at 69 degrees. Farther than 8 miles off was at 67 to 68 degrees. Cabo Falso to the 95 Fathom Spot and on to the 1150 Fathom Spot was all at 72 to 73 degrees. Los Frailes was holding at 74 degrees. Sea surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly directions averaged 12.1 mph. The entire area that was very productive just a week ago has turned to green water and a movement of the fish that were in this area.

Best Fishing Area: There was no specific area mentioned as a best fishing area.

Best Bait/Lure: The single marlin caught and released was taken at the 95 Fathom Spot on a rigged trolling bait.

Bait Supply: The bait supply remained good, even with the full moon condition and the rate remained at $3.00 per bait which is controlled by the bait vendors…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.

Rooster Fish - Baja Bytes Weekly Overview Roosters…roosters…roosters…Grant Hartman, Baja Anglers

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