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Bait Rigging Tips To Improve Your Fishing

Preparation and bait rigging ahead of time is one of the key elements to running a consistently successful fishing crew. You never want to waste time scurrying around the boat looking for something when the bite turns on.fishing tips

There are many elements of rigging that are repetitive, and figuring out ways to mass-produce things of equal lengths can save you a lot of time.

For example, cutting a large supply of bait leaders for trolling or storing a stash of precut rigging floss for your circle hook ballyhoo rigs are two easy ways to keep you in the game. The best part is you can take care of these tasks on bad-weather days when you’re not fishing.

wrap bait rigging floss around two nails to pre-measure lengths

I like to precut my bait rigging floss and store them where they’re easy to get to on the boat. The first step is to know the exact length of rigging floss you want to reproduce. Once you have the measurement down, place two screws in a piece of wood with the length of rigging floss you want in between them. You’ll also want to add a few inches for trimming the ends clean. You can use a work bench, a two-by-four or even a wooden fence.

cut bait rigging floss lengths all at onceAnything you can put screws in will work just fine.

Fix one end of the rigging floss to a screw and then wrap the floss around the two screws several times until you get the desired number floss you want. Then cut the ends clean and bag and label the precut floss for the future, or get to rigging.

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