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AWA Shark Fishing Derby Results & Winners

​July 5th, 2018 marked the season closer of All Water Adventure’s Shark Tagging Derby. If you hadn’t heard of it the Port Canaveral Shark Derby is a 12-month long shark tagging competition out of Port Canaveral, Florida.

Derby participants tagged 139 sharks with the average size being 61-inches. The captains recaptured 3 sharks. 37 males and 102 female sharks. The biggest shark was caught within 5 miles of shore. Sandbar sharks lead the pack with 38 tagged and released.

One fact that keeps coming back to us is how much people are fascinated with sharks. Whether it is a childhood fascination, media hype or fear, but people are crazy about sharks. Capt. Greg Rapp of the Sea Leveler said, “In our charter business, no matter how many other fish we catch, as soon as we catch or even see a shark the customer’s excitement goes through the roof. When we do keep a shark that is a sustainable species, it’s all the tourists talk about back at the dock.”

“It’s cool to see a charter fleet like  All Water AdventuresSea Leveler and Time & Tide Charters taking the time to educate the public on sharks and getting involved in research. It’s also a point of interest that the charter captains get involved and gather some real statistics on our shark population and health”, said Ali Hussainy of BD.

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Just the Facts

  • Total Sharks tagged 139 
  • Total Inches of sharks tagged 7,722”
  • Average shark tagged Length 61”
  • Sex: 37 Males, 102 females and a few undetermined
  • 3 tags were recaptured
  • Largest Shark: Great hammerhead caught by Rich Stevens – measuring 11 feet.
  • Top Tagging Captain and boat: Capt. Greg Rapp w/ 44 tags
  • Top tagging Anglers: Charles Harrelson (6) and Aaron Sherman (4)
  • March was the busiest tagging month – 36
  • 93 were tagged within 5 miles of shore
  • 46 were tagged offshore 

Tag Species & Numbers

  • Blacknose: 34
  • Blacktip: 19
  • Bonnethead: 1
  • Bull: 1
  • Fine Tooth: 18
  • Hammerhead: 2
  • Lemon: 16
  • Sand Tiger: 4
  • Sandbar: 38
  • Sharpnose: 1
  • Silky: 2
  • Spinner: 2
  • Tiger: 1

AWA 2018 Winners Circle

Winners – Big 10 to win! (Sharks over 10-feet)

1st Place – 8/11/17

  • Great Hammerhead, 10-Feet
  • Angler – Rich Stephens
  • Capt. Garren Malin on Sea Leveler

2nd Place – 6/4/18

  • Lemon, 10-Feet
  • Angler – Dan Ketchen
  • Capt.Greg Rapp on Sea Sons

Over 8’ prizes (sharks greater than 8-feet)


  • Lemon, 9-Feet
  • Angler – Bryan Taylor
  • Capt. Ronnie Rapp on Sea Leveler
    They Named their shark – Big Mama JuJu


  • Lemon, 8-Feet
  • Angler – Daniel Allen
  • Capt. Steve Knowles on Sea Leveler


  • Greater Hammerhead 8-Feet 10-Inches
  • Angler – Kasandra Marshal
  • Capt. Adam Sadr on Sea Leveler


  • Bull, 8-Feet
  • Angler Del Hobdy
  • Capt. Greg Rapp on Seas Sons

General Category Winners


  • Black Nose, 5-Feet
  • Angler – Alexander Ketchen
  • Capt. Greg Rapp


  • Black Tip, 6-Feet
  • Angler- Travis Richter
  • Capt. Greg Rapp


  • Black Tip, 5-Feet
  • Angler Angie Shubert
  • Capt. Greg Rapp


  • Black Nose, 4.75-Feet
  • Angler – Dillion Kientz
  • Capt. Rick Martin on Sea Leveler
  • Named shark DKRaptor


  • Black Nose, 4-Feet
  • Angler- Tom Sammons
  • Capt. Garren Malin on Sea Leveler
  • Shark named Buddy


  • Sand Tiger 7.75-Feet
  • Angler – Seth Kreisel
  • Capt. Greg Rapp


  • Lemon, 5-Feet
  • Angler – Scott Parrish
  • Capt. Garren Malin on Tight Work


  • Black Tip, 45-Inches
  • Angler – Rich Campbell
  • Capt. Ronnie Rapp on Sea Leveler

A huge thank you to the following companies and establishments for making it happen.

Aftco, Bacardi, Grills, Sunrise Marina, 9 Mile Media, Handler, Local Knowledge, BD Outdoors, Castaways Cutoms, WRRJ 89.7, D.Redwine Art, BoldWater, Hoo-Rag. Rusty’s seafood and Oyster Bar,  Fish Lips, Time and Tide, Sea Leveler, Da’ Bonz, Brown’s Taxidermy, Rising Tide and Blue Marlin Real Estate

Why do they do it? For fun and education: Data from tagging programs provide valuable information on many aspects of shark biology and habits. The need for international cooperation in such work is underscored by the fact that many shark species have wide ranging distributions, frequently traverse national boundaries, and are exploited by multinational fisheries.

The shark tagging program is also an important tool used to increase our biological understanding of sharks and to obtain information for rational resource management. The tagging of sharks provides information on stock identity, movements and migration, abundance, age and growth, mortality, and behavior.

Visit the AWA site for more information and join the fun.  The 2019 AWA Shark Tagging Derby will kick off on January 1, 2019.