Annie Nagel Articles

My name is Annie Nagel and I’m a fishing and foraging addict from Rohnert Park, California. I will fish for anything that will bite but feel most at home fishing the salt. I’m the best version of myself when I’m on the water. My favorite platform is the kayak because I enjoy the added challenge of fishing from such a small but mighty vessel completely on my own. I love traveling to new places and targeting species I haven’t caught before. So far, I’ve caught over 100 different species of fish. I am fascinated by new techniques and love to attempt new fishing styles and apply what I learn to different species. I take the same curiosity and exploration into the kitchen with my cooking. I love bringing home goodies from my adventures and am always determined to use every part of any creature I take. I’m grateful my two greatest passions intertwined and having fresh quality seafood to work with makes a huge difference when trying new recipes. I love to experiment in the kitchen and incorporate the tasty morsels I harvest from our gorgeous stretch of coastline and incorporate different flavors into my dishes. I am connected to the environment and my food more than I ever thought possible. Being introduced to the incredible world of fishing by my boyfriend 10 years ago was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He shares the same passion for creating amazing dishes with our catches too and rolls up some of the most beautiful sushi I’ve ever seen. The fishing and food thing has evolved into a full-blown nature-fueled lifestyle.