AdamTraubman Articles

Let’s just say, Adam Traubman could use a few more hours in each day. “Trout” can’t go more than 24 hours without fishing, surfing, paddling, diving, anything without getting the wiggles. So with a wife, three kids, two dogs, three snakes, an organic garden AND work… the man has his work cut out for him. He’s an avid fisherman, surfer, home chef, and family man who loves to make food, write about food, take pictures of food, eat food, grow food and hunt for food. You can probably detect a common thread here. One of the true pioneers of modern-day kayak fishing, his catches have inspired and allowed him to create his own dishes with produce from his own yard, making him a respected home chef by many. Don’t worry – he always makes extra for family and friends! Trout is well traveled and has a respect and understanding of many cultures, allowing him to talk story and blend in with folks just about anywhere. He has lived on the coasts of California, Oahu and Baja…and traveled globally, so his recipes run deep.