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BD Book Review | Fly-Fishing Daydreams

If you regularly read fishing magazines, odds are you’ve seen some of Pat Ford’s photography. And, more likely than not, his photo was on the cover.

Ford has traveled around the globe feeding his obsession to catch fish of all sorts and capture the action and beauty of the sport with his camera. In his latest book, “Fly-Fishing Daydreams: The Most Exciting Fly-Fishing Adventures Around the World,” Ford takes the reader to the world’s best fishing locations. From throwing flies to high-flying makos in Mission Bay, California, to chasing salmon in the icy waters of Russia’s Kola Peninsula, Ford recounts his fish tales and illuminates them with spectacular photography.

The book is a good read, and I like how he incorporates the knowledge from top guides and anglers of each area he discusses, but it’s the photos that make Fly-Fishing Daydreams a keeper.

Ford is such a gifted photographer and the 300 photos in this hardbound, oversized book really tell the story. My favorite chapter is the one devoted to the large billfish of Panama, Cabo and Cairns, Australia. The photos range from Tropic Star Lodge, leaping dorado and billfish, striped marlin taken on fly in Cabo and the mean teeth of a cubera snapper.

Each shot creates a scene that makes me want to pack my bags and get out of here. In it’s truest essence, that’s the goal of Fly-Fishing Daydreams — to let you escape, if only in your mind.

The book retails for $39.95 and would make a fine addition to any coffee table. For more information, visit

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