Another Incredible Saltywater Tackle PNG Adventure

PNG fishingAnother outstanding trip to PNG that was rewarded with great memories and unstoppable fish. I hope we all live long enough to tell the tales of it to our kids.
9 anglers came in from different parts of the world to experience the remoteness and the fishing that PNG has to offer. Thanks to all the guys from the K20 for an outstanding service and operation!!

k20 pngWe flew to Misima island where the K20 was waiting to sail to the Pocklington Ridge.  18 hours of steaming under heavy seas but luckily enough the sea was subdued and settled down upon our arrival.

The topwater bite in general was slow due to the current, but the jig bite was always rewarding thanks to the elusive dogtooth tuna.

PNGIt was tough to be able to document the trip properly with 4 tender boats going in different directions, but I got the chance to be in the right place when needed.
The highlight was on our 5th day where we found massive amount of bait and all sorts of marks that made us believe we should stick to the area and wait for the feeding to start; sure enough, it paid off big time.

PNGAll of the guys had their shots at monster fish. We had screaming reels, angry fish and disappointed fisherman.

We could not stop those fish even under heavy drag, 2 reels get spooled completely where the rest got reefed and the highlight of that Dogtooth tuna bite was that we had no shark around.


Nick was the man of the hour landing a monster fish on the OBX-500 jigging rod, the fish took a Hot’s Drift tune jig in Glow in the dark.
The last day was spent jumping from one island to another trying to recapture the time spent onboard and rewinding those great memories.  
Thanks to Wahib for taking some of those pictures!

Enjoy the pictures!

Tackle Used

Rods: Monster Ledge, Race Point, Black Hole, Carpenter, Ripple Fisher, OBX
Reels: Shimano, Daiwa, Studio Ocean Mark, Maxel
Line: Jerry Brown Hollow, Sunline, Shout
Leader: Manyu Fluorocarbone, Fisherman, Momoi
Lures: Siren, Carpenter, Shell Shaping, Amegari,
Jigs: CB One Quick Zero 1, Hot’s Drift Tune, Smith Nagamasa,Shout
Hooks: Shout, BKK

 Tight Lines

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Sami Ghandour
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