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Aftco Foul Weather Gear Review

A few weeks ago I did a little spring shopping. Florida summer is coming fast and that means blazing sun and frequent afternoon thunderstorms. This coupled with upcoming travel plans to California, the Keys and New Orleans meant I needed to gear up. I’m getting too old not to be comfortable on a boat.

My wish list included the Aftco bibs , for sloppy but warm weather, a light rain jacket , a thin sweat shirt for cool early mornings, a few pairs of shorts, and a pair of flip flops. I also got my son and his fishing buddies a couple of cool shirts and shorts.

Promptly, a large Aftco box showed up that I had to hide from my wife. I did pretty well on my sizing and everything fit. “Next stop fishing!”

We headed out king fishing with my good buddy Capt. Scott Bussen aboard his charter boat the Relentless II. Imagine; the weather man got it wrong and our visions of slick calm seas turned out to be disorganized slop. I quickly realized I was going to test my new slickers. The bottoms of the legs zipped open to accommodate my boots. This immediately made me happy, and the fish were biting fast enough that I needed to be quick about changing. The outside of these bibs are tough and waterproof while the inside has a breathable laminate to keep you cool. The sturdy stitched cordura kneepads are rugged for kneeling on the deck. These bibs are super lightweight and I was very comfortable moving around in them. I loved having plenty of waterproof chest pockets to store stuff, including the camera, which the kids kept asking me to pull out and take pictures. All of the pockets are thoughtfully positioned.

aftco flip flops

aftco flip flopsThe flip-flops seemed a little stiff under my arch at first but after a couple times of wearing them they quickly became my favorites. Tall rugged soles, sturdy straps and plenty of arch support are key factors in a good flip-flop. I haven’t had any issues with slipping on the shoe surface between the flop and the bottom of my foot. This is where a lot of them fail because they get slippery causing you to slide right out of them when they get wet.

During the ride home, we received a steady, heavy spray in the stern while we were packing fish and scrubbing. It was then that I was truly happy to have the light rain jacket to put on. It is made of waterproof, nylon mini-ripstop and has UV protection built in. The mesh lining kept me cool and the full zippered front closure with Velcro kept the water out. The adjustable hood keeps the front from hanging in your face.

aftco flip flops

Because dry and warm beats cold and wet, I thank you Aftco for making another quality product.

Derek Redwine
Before becoming the Creative Director for BD Outdoors, Derek Redwine owned and operated the web development and design firm BoldWater for more than 16...