AFTCO And CCA Expand Their Partnership

AFTCO capeFor a second year, AFTCO and CCA have expanded their relationship as they collectively work toward their common goal to conserve, promote and enhance the present and future availability of our coastal resources. This year, AFTCO becomes the official clothing website partner of CCA National, will donate product to support more than 225 state banquets, and work closely with both the national and state organizations on a variety of issues.

AFTCO has long used its line of Fishing Clothing and Saltwater Fishing Tackle to support ocean conservation. Through AFTCO’s 10% Pledge to Protect & Conserve, AFTCO and the Shedd family have contributed more than 10 percent of company profits to help protect our ocean resources and ensure a sustainable fishery for future generations. To this effect, in 2017 AFTCO will expand on its line of co-branded AFTCO x CCA apparel.

aftco cca hoodAnglers will soon be able to purchase a CCA Hooded Performance Shirt & CCA Sun Masks on AFTCO x CCA Hats and Performance Shirts will remain available for sale. With every purchase of a CCA by AFTCO product, a $5 Donation will be used to fund the CCA conservation efforts nationwide.

While AFTCO and CCA have both extensively fought for similar causes, the two organizations recently became closely aligned when AFTCO President, Bill Shedd, joined with other California sport fishing leaders to spearhead the formation of a CCA California Chapter. The CCA California Chapter formalized CCA’s national stronghold in the coastal U.S., and plays a critical future role in CCA’s ability to represent the interests and conservation of all saltwater anglers.

cca join - aftco and ccaAFTCO and CCA are committed to marine conservation and protecting anglers’ access to healthy marine resources.

Together, the leadership of and AFTCO will make the protection of our marine resources and the interests of anglers a top priority to ensure a sustainable fishery for generations to come.