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AFTCO Aftech Shorts


AFTCO means a little something different to just about everyone you ask. To me, they exemplify quality, reliability and functionality. These are great characteristics for terminal tackle, gaffs, harnesses, and the number of other hard goods they manufacture. But when it comes to performance apparel, these aren’t necessarily the first qualities you’re looking for.

Sure….you want them to be functional and of good quality. We already know we get that with all AFTCO gear. But as importantly, what about technical? Cutting edge fabrics? And Stylish?

I had my first pair of AFTCO shorts about the same time I had my first pair of OP’s. Yep…they were super short to show off my sexy legs. The M01’s are still around, but are not for everyone these days. And if you look at the new style AFTCO shorts on the rack, they are a far cry from their humble beginnings.

It may be news to many of you, but AFTCO has hired some of the best surf apparel designers in the business. These guys have more than 20 years of experience in the surf industry and judging by the new technical shorts they’ve designed, it shows.

Their new line up combines the best qualities of board shorts with the functionality of fishing apparel.

Four way stretch fabrics, cool designs and…….plier pockets? Yeah…believe it or not, they go together. Quick drying, comfortable and something I’d actually wear if I were nowhere near a boat.

The best part is that their technical gear cleans up exceptionally well. The last thing I want is to buy a $50 pair of shorts and have them ruined after I catch my first fish in them. Hit ‘em with the deck hose and the slime and blood washes right out.

Brant Crenshaw
Brant Crenshaw grew up fishing from pangas in Mexico's Sea of Cortez. Those early experiences instantly hooked him, spurring a lifelong passion for th...