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Accurate Introduces Its New Valiant Rod Line

Valiant RodAccurate Fishing Products, originator of the popular Valiant lever-drag reel series, has expanded its product line to include new custom-quality Valiant rods. Specially designed to match up perfectly with the manufacturer’s state-of-the-art Valiant BV reel models, Valiant rods are extremely light, yet strong and durable enough to take on the toughest pelagic predators.

Valiant Rod

The new Valiant rods are the perfect answer to the question, “What rods should I pair with my Accurate reels?” Now, there’s a system-matched Valiant rod for Accurate’s Valiant 300 to 600-size reel models. The Valiant rod family includes 12 different models – each designed to ideally complement the light weight and power of its designated Valiant reel.

Valiant RodThe unique construction of Accurate’s Valiant rods minimizes the weight, while still providing the strength needed to land big, hard-fighting saltwater adversaries. Each model features custom-fit components as well, including high-quality tangle-free guides for smooth line flow and superior casting performance.

“The systematic approach of building these rods to match the reels was seamless,” said Justin Poe, Vice President of Sales at Accurate Fishing. “Whatever type of game fish you plan on targeting, our new Valiant rod family offers a model that’s perfect for the assignment.”

Accurate Valiant Rod Features

  • Lightweight composite construction
  • High quality tangle-free guides
  • Custom fit components to match the reels
  • 12 models designed to fit BV-300 to BV-600
  • One-year warranty against material defects and craftsmanship

Accurate Valiant Rod Models and Specifications

Model Length Line Rating  Suggested Reel Rod Weight


Reel Weight


Combo Weight (lbs.)
BV-68M-SP 6’8″ 30-40 Braid BV-300 4.7 9.9 0.913
BV-68MH-SP 6’8″ 40-50 Braid BV-500N 5 15 1.250
BV-70ML 7′ 30-40 Braid BV-300 10.5 9.9 1.275
BV-70M 7′ 40-50 Braid BV-400 10.9 14 1.556
BV-70MH 7′ 50-65 Braid BV-500 12 16 1.750
BV-70H 7′ 65-80 Braid BV-600 13.2 19 2.013
BV-X76MH 7’6″ 50-65 Braid BV-500 12.9 16 1.806
BV-X76H 7’6″ 65-80 Braid BV-600 14.3 19 2.081
BV-80ML 8′ 30-40 Braid BV-300 11.8 9.9 1.356
BV-80M 8′ 40-50 Braid BV-400 12.2 14 1.638
BV-80MH 8′ 50-65 Braid BV-500 13.7 16 1.856
BV-80H 8′ 65-80 Braid BV-600 14.9 19 2.119

Accurate Valiant rods range in price from $259.95 to $289.95 (MSRP) and are available through authorized Accurate dealers.

To learn more about Accurate’s new Valiant rods, or the complete line of Accurate Fishing products, visit www.accuratefishing.com.