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Captain Duane Diego Mellor of Pinnacle Sportfishing in San Diego shares tips and tricks with his Furuno TZ Touch3. Duane gives an example of how his Furuno settings let him know exactly what fish are under the boat.

Marine Electronics

Lenny Rudow has some great advice to help you keep a firm grip on your wallet by making sure you don’t engage in any of these marine electronic errors.

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Many of us have become used to depending 100-percent on our electronics for navigation, but as you trust that little magic box of intel to get you home, there are a few details you should remember.

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The automatic identification system, also known as AIS is an automatic tracking system which allows vessels to exchange data pertaining to their course, speed, and position.

Season Ready

Now is the time to prepare the boat for the upcoming season. This process is generally referred to as “Spring Commissioning,” and often involves engine, cooling, and fuel system preparations to ensure trouble-free boating.

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I recently received a message from a reader telling me he had upgraded his marine electronics to a fish finder with side vision capabilities, installed the Navionics chip, taken the boat out to target rockfish and came to the realization that “I had no idea what I was looking at”. While today’s technology makes it …

Marine Electronics

Check out the latest and the greatest marine electronics has to offer, for the year 2020. Don’t blink – DON’T BLINK – or you’ll miss out on the newest marine electronics because this stuff evolves so dang fast it’s virtually impossible to keep up with. But never fear folks, we’re here to help keep you …

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Do you want to make your boat a better fishing machine? These five unexpected electronic upgrades will do the trick. We have an entire section of BDOutdoors dedicated to marine electronics because in this day and age all of us anglers depend on our fishfinders, chartplotters, and other digital tools to get the hotspots and then …

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Touch Screen Cleaning Marine Electronics Fly Navarro joins his buddy Capt. Terry for some quick how to advice on cleaning the screen on your marine electronics including touch screen units. Salt and smudges are inevitable at the end of the fishing day. Here is a safe method to clean your electronics without scratching them or …

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Big voltage drops aren’t good for marine electronics and manufacturers protect their product by installing an automatic shut off once the voltage going to the unit drops below a certain level. While this protection is good for your electronics, it sucks having them shut down on their own just because you cranked your motor. After …