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As a charter and private boat captain, I’ve done lots of bottom fishing as part of our programs. Here is how I set up the anchor for a trip to offer you the chance to get it back if it hangs in the bottom.

Fishing Reports

Joe Sarmiento has some great fishing reports from his travels and from home town SoCal. Check out the latest.

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Ali Hussainy, Co-Host of Local Knowledge is joined by Captain Duane “Diego” Mellor of Pinnacle Sportfishing hit the studio to talk tuna! 

Fishing Videos

“Billfish Capital of the World” gets thrown around on a fairly regular basis, but Costa Rica’s Los Sueños undoubtedly lives up to the hype and Maverick Sportfishing does it right!

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When it comes to going deep with a side scanning sonar, there is only one brand that fits the bill, Furuno.


AFTCO took the jump into freshwater conservation in 2018 and now is contributing to the War on Carp. You can help too!

Fishing Videos

So many anglers are still excited to learn how to dial in the new “old” techniques being used to tap their share of SoCal’s incredible bluefin tuna fishery that continues to amaze and get better and bigger by the season.

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Capt. Rush Maltz, Co-Host of Local Knowledge, is back in the Florida Key’s studio to share some of his bottom fishing knowledge and tactics gleaned from a lifetime of fishing the amazing Florida Keys. 

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Part 1 – The Tanks To say the 2014 season was fantastic is a tremendous understatement. Even as I’m finishing up this piece in mid-December the deep-water yellows are still biting in several areas along the coast. And additionally, they’re likely to continue to do so given the abnormally warm water remaining along the coast. …

Fishing Reports

Though it only officially began on Tuesday, this has been a great week of fall fishing and weather in Southern California. Fish are biting both inshore and offshore and the weather for the weekend is looking amazing.