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9 Women’s Fishing Brands That Support Lady Anglers

Top 9 Womens Fishing Brands – Ladies Fishing Apparels

Mothers Day is coming up and it made me realize that in the fishing industry there is always a some kind of gift guide for the celebration of fathers, but not very many media company’s do the same for our lady anglers. I think most people have felt the positive influence of a women in our lives, whether it be a mother figure, sister, teacher, aunt or mentor.

9 womens fishing brandsI was lucky enough to have a mom who showed me that life & passion know no gender barriers.

If you are interested in a sport, outdoors, woodworking, etc., then you should pursue it, and do it with all your heart. She would also tell me not to leave the house without looking my best. I know in our sport, lady anglers like myself love to not only get out on the ocean, but we like to look good and feel comfortable doing it!

More and more companies are making gear and apparel that are made specifically for women who fish. I think I can speak for most of us gals that fish…THANK YOU to all the companies that continue to make awesome products that we can use in the sport we love, and even a bigger thank you to the brands that champion women fishing pros and causes..

costa glasses - 9 womens fishing brands
Costa always supports the ladies.

In honor of our mothers, women, young ladies whom fish hard, embrace authenticity, and love the water; here are 9 women’s fishing brands that support lady anglers.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from lady anglers is that there aren’t enough fishing brands that make quality apparel for women. And I’m not talking just t-shirts and hats, but the good technical apparel, awesome fishing shorts, performance shirts & jackets, etc.  Well, I have good news for all our lady anglers, AFTCO is launching a new women’s line and it’s going to be epic. With AFTCO’s years of apparel making knowledge and advise from pros like Captain Monique Savoy, this line is set-up for success.  Learn MORE

Torque, power, and ease of use is something lady anglers look for in a reel. There is no way we are going to bow out of a fight with a monster fish, so we need the tool that will help us reel in our prize. It doesn’t hurt if that reel is sexy looking to boot! Apart from the quality of their reels, the reason Accurate made the list is because of their dedication to lady anglers and the causes they support that are close to our hearts. Accurate supports and promote several women fishing pros and is always looking for ways to get more women into our sport.  They also run an ongoing promotion which raises money for Breast Cancer research.  Every pair of their Pink Pliers sold raises five dollars for research.  Buy HERE

It’s always great when a fishing brand sells a few women oriented products in addition to the huge mens line of products; but when you find a fishing brand that caters to their lady customers the same as their gentlemen customers, they are a winner!  Costa has always provided a big selection of sun glasses to women.  Their frames and lenses are designed specifically for people who love being on the water.  Their brand also does some pretty amazing things for ocean conservation which includes their ongoing campaign to Kick Plastic.  For an awesome Mothers Day gift guide click HERE

Some of you may be wondering why a girl would need a rod that is specifically made just for women. I have a lot of different rods that work well enough, but it’s really nice that when a company caters their designs to a girls profile. Seeker has a wonderful rod called the Athena which is for serious lady anglers and made in the USA. This rod sizzles in hot pink and brings the highest quality line of casting, spinning, trolling, or jigging rods. Learn more HERE

In preparation of this article, I hit up a few of my lady angler facebook friends to ask their opinion about their favorite fishing brands that support women in our sport. Most of my Florida friends mentioned the brand Reel Skipper. After checking out their website, I have to say, I’m impressed! Their clothing line is by far one of the most fashionable and practical as well. There wasn’t one clothing item I didn’t want to buy.  They have general beach wear, performance wear, swimsuits, and great accessories.  I signed up for their email list immediately.  Follow them HERE

Xtratuf has made a large splash in the recreational fishing industry over the past couple of years. What once was just a brand for commercial fisherman now has branched out into the recreational fishing world. They have a great line for both men and women which covers everything from hardcore fishing boots, ankle boots for warm weather, deck shoes, sandals and more.  Their colors are trendy and their boots are comfortable.  So whether you’re fishing the Florida Keys for tarpon, braving the weather offshore in Washington, or paddle boarding in your local marina, there is a shoe for everyone. Check out their 2018 line HERE

Thinking ahead and making sure all the details are handled is a women’s M.O. We like to have a plan before we go out on a long day of fishing. Part of that preparation is having all the tools of the trade. YETI is more than just a lifestyle brand. Their products have a practical use for all the ins and outs of fishing; from keeping your catch fresh, your coffee hot, and a comfy chair to sit on, YETI products are hard to beat. The quality of their products makes the investment is worth it and they love to support women doing outdoor sports. They sponsor some of the most amazing lady athletes in our industry! Just look at the list of their lady YETI ambassadors. Read HERE

I worked as deckhand on a sport fishing boat out of San Diego during the epic albacore years in the early 2000’s.  After a long day of fishing, we would fillet our passengers catch for hours. It was very important to wear the right clothing so that you would stay warm and dry. I had a hard time finding slickers that fit me and I had no choice but to wear men’s slickers. The fit was far from right but I made do since I had to get the job done.  A couple of years ago I was pleased to hear that Grundens launched a ladies bib called the Sedna.  This release was followed closely by a line of women’s recreational fishing clothing that are made well and very cute. Learn MORE

I was recently shopping in the mall and I noticed that the skort is making a comeback. I can’t remember the last time I wore a skirt, but I know this may be excellent news to my more girly friends. Maven Fly brand  has a beautiful apparel line, which includes a cute skort made just for lady anglers. Their practical and clean looking shorts, shirts and vests are perfect for camping, fly fishing, kayaking or any water activity. View products HERE

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