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8 Tips for Successful Charter Fishing Experiences

charter tipsGoing fishing on a charter boat is a great way to experience inshore, offshore and freshwater fishing.  Like any charter operation, the experience, good or bad, is often determined by the match-up of expectations to reality and the crew.

Here are a few tips to help make your charter fishing experience a good one.

Charter Fishing Tips

  1. Search BD’s Destination page to find areas that excite you, both local and exotic, or visit the Bloodydecks forum for a region your are interested in and ask our local members for seasonal information of what’s biting and when.
  2. Check out the trips offered on Share A Fishing Charter.  This service offers anglers an affordable and dependable way to share the cost of a fishing charter.  You can get information about the charter operations as well as the others who may share the trip. Share A Fishing Charter has gathered a pool of reputable captains in many popular locations.  You can search by destination and pick your dates.  It is really an innovative concept and I urge you to watch the video above to see how it works.
  3. fishing tipsContact a potential charter service to make sure their fishing style matches your expectations or desires.  Do they catch and release, are the fish considered yours, what tackle do they use and so on.
  4. Be well rested and hydrated before your fishing trip.  This translates directly to: Don’t stay up drinking the night before and risk a miserable day on the water.
  5. Take the appropriate gear for a day on the water.  Sunscreen, sunglasses, protective clothing, comfortable and accepted footwear are all aspects of the trip that should be addressed.
  6. fishing coolerShould you bring your own cooler or is one provided?  This is an often-overlooked question.  On most trips, the passengers are responsible for their own food and drinks, but where to put them is a fair question.
  7. Tipping the crew is customary if you have had a great day on the water.  Again the pile of fish should not determine the tip, but the attitude, preparedness and hard work of the crew.  A tip of 15 to 20 percent of the cost of the trip is customary and always appreciated.
  8. charter bookingIf your taking kids, make sure the captain is aware and okay with it and has the required safety equipment for the smaller ones.  Make sure the kids are up to the challenge. Don’t break them of ever wanting to go again by taking them on too long of a trip or in less than ideal weather.  This may play into a captain’s decision-making process; so let them know ahead of time.