7 Tackle Prep Ideas To Do While Quarantined

7 Tackle Prep Ideas To Do While Quarantined

These are unprecedented times with people being sheltered in place during the Covid19 scare.  But all you fishermen out there might as well make the most of home-time by regrouping your tackle and fishing arsenal because we are all going to be jonesing after this passes.  Soon we hope.

Here are 7 great tackle and gear tips that you can do while you’re quarantined at home


DIY Reel Service

One chore we avoid when we are busy is doing a reel service, but lockdown doesn’t have to be boring when you can get your reels cleaned, lubed and ready for the word go!


Building Wind On Leaders For Offshore Fishing

Wind-on leaders are used when chasing all types of big game fish around the world.  The epic bluefin tuna bite happening in SoCal the last few seasons requires plenty of these and now is a great time to stock up on building them.  This video will teach you how!


How To Respool Your Reels At Home

No time, like mandatory downtime to respool your reels and have them ready when the covid-cloud lifts.


Gamakatsu Magic Eye Tuna Plug 3X – 3 Reasons To Go Single

We all have a box full of plugs that could use new hooks.  Have you tried switching to in-line single hooks for your plugs and lures?


Tackle Organization Is Key To Catching More Fish

Getting your tackle organized takes a little time on the front end, but saves time on the fish catching end.  So dig in and start going through your tackle so you can catch more fish and less fever!


Soldering Rings For Lure Hook Replacement

Have you wondered how to replace the hooks on your iron?  Here’s a great piece on how to solder new rings and hooks to renew your favorite iron.


Sharp Hooks Are Number 1

Many modern-day hooks are sharp right out of the package, but some still need sharpening.  If you’ve already used them, then you certainly want to check out these tips on bringing them back to ultra-sharp.  It can make all the difference in hooking more fish.