Fishing Videos

3 Greats From BD’s Weird and Whacky Archive

We see a lot of crazy things scroll by in the world of social media, where everyone is armed with cameras ready to capture those crazy moments when they pop up.

Here are 3 of the greats from our Weird and Whacky archive.

Albino Blue Marlin Caught

Recently the crew of the Spanish Fly, Capt. Juan Carlos Fallas and mates Carlos Pollo Espinoza Jimenez and Roberto Chelato Salinas Hernandez were fishing with their clients, Bob and Karen Weaver when they were witness to an incredibly rare event. They caught and released a white-colored blue marlin out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica. Whether the … Continue reading

Funny Video – Diver’s Hand Chomped by Fish

Found this entertaining video of a diver with his hand stuck in a monkfish. The dialog is in Russian so I’m not sure what they are saying, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

Click here to see the video.

Triggerfish and The Family Jewels

Holy ouch; What started out as a casual day of spearfishing for a triggerfish dinner turned into a knife battle for the jewels.  Painful to watch but a classic blooper.

See the video here.