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2020 Fishing Tech To Improve Your Game

What’s new in the world of fishing boats and gear for 2020?  Will all these techno-gadgets really help you catch more fish?

You want to stay up to date on what’s hot, what’s new, and what will help you catch more fish? We thought so – and we’re here to help.

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Considering how quickly modern tech advances, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest and the greatest unless you make it a full-time job. So that’s exactly what we do, and we’ve been keeping our eyes out for any and every new development. Here are some of the top teched-out fishing boat features, tools, and technologies that we think can help make your 2020 a year of serious angling achievements.

Perfection in Piscatorial Positioning

Getting your boat into exactly the right fish-catching spot and keeping it there has always been a challenge, but it’s one that’s been made much easier with technology. GPS and then its integration with fishfinders revolutionized this part of the game, but now the importation of navigational abilities into sonar itself has become not just possible, but even commonplace. The key ability? Being able to touch the fishfinder screen where you see the structure and/or a cluster of fish, and set a GPS waypoint at that spot. Then you can switch over to or split-screen with the chartplotter, and navigate right back to it. At first, this feature showed up on a unit or two, then it spread, and now just about all the manufacturers offer it at some level in the model line. If the fishfinder sitting at your helm doesn’t have this ability, upgrading your electronics will give you a serious leg up.

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Why trust digital charts to be correct when you can make your own?

Another way you can enjoy better boat positioning: take advantage of the latest in marine bathy charts. In the past year, we’ve seen updates in chartography like Garmin’s g3 data with high-res depth shading, Raymarine’s Lighthouse NC2 charts with data from Fishing Hot Spots, and C-MAP’s Precision Contours with contour lines down to one-foot increments. At the same time, the ability to draw your own contours has been expanding while also becoming simplified. Whether you do it via the C-MAP Genesis system, Navionic’s SonarCharts, Raymarine’s RealBathy, Humminbird’s AutoChart Live, or Lowrance’s Genesis Live, you can set up your MFD to record the fishfinder pings and GPS positions and create your own uber-accurate bathymetric chart – often in real-time.

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