2018 After Thanksgiving Halibut Classic Results

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Well, 19 years of the Halibut Classic has now come and gone, and we’re well on the way to number 20 next year, and that has been the number in my sights for quite awhile now!! Next years event is going to be something special, so I hope to see all the faithful past teams as well as a bunch of new ones next year….it should be good!!

Ok, so on with the report….

The morning check-ins went smooth, with 26 teams checking in at Dana Landing in very nice morning conditions.

After getting the teams huddled up for the group pics taken once again by Frank & Nate Price, we proceeded with the role call and a brief rules go over which followed with the start.

The teams all made their way out of the Mission Bay Channel and bent it North to their chosen destinations.

It wouldn’t be until 8:08am that tournament control would receive their first call of a boated fish, and those first fish honors went to team Cali Rose and angler Craig Brooks to get things started.

Shortly after and at 8:32am, team Santiago called in the 2nd boated fish of the tournament, with that fish being taken by angler Jim Aragon.

Things started to get busy here as the tide was pushing high and peaking at 9:50am to a 6.46ft high. The 3rd boated fish would go to team Sure Thing and angler Billy Vitale, as they called in their fish to tournament control at 9:14am.

Team Cali Rose came right back with their 2nd boated fish, and called it in at 9:22am, with angling honors going to Chris Amen.

This now put the total at 4 boated fish, but there were still more to come as Team Long Fin decided to join in on the action, as they radioed Tournament Control at 9:48am saying angler Laurence Warren had just put one on board.

Next up would be Team Vaminos and angler Andre Chavez calling in his boated fish at 9:54am and just minutes after the peak high tide.

From here things slowed down a bit, and it wouldn’t be until 12:35pm in which we would then hear once again from team Vaminos, as they called in their 2nd boated fish by angler Austin Chavez.

About an hour would pass until the next boated fish would be called in, and this would go to team Sea-Ker and angler Justin Ezell boating a keeper at 1:43pm.

With time winding down, we had our next call in of a boated fish by one of our new teams this year, and that was by Team Big Chicken Dinner with angler Kyle Lancastor boating a keeper at 1:58pm.

With very little time left, last years defending champs team Surface Breaker decided to change up their game plan and try inside the Bay, and with only 36 minutes left in the tournament, they called in a boated fish at 2:24pm by angler George Davis……but would it be enough?

Halibut Classic Results

Halibut Classic ResultsTeam Vaminos taking 1st and 2nd

The weigh-in results went as follows….

1. Team 20 – Cali Rose, angler Craig Brooks…. 24.5″ – 6.6lbs
2. Team 14 – Santiago, angler Jim Aragon 25.25″ – 5.6lbs
3. Team 10 – Sure Thing, angler Billy Vitale 22″ – 4.0lbs
4. Team 20 – Cali Rose, angler Chris Amen 36.75″ – 20.4lbs – 3rd Place
5. Team 6 – Long Fin, angler Laurence Warren 30.5″ – 12.4lbs – 4th Place
6. Team 27 – Vaminos, angler Andre Chavez 41.0″ – 29.6lbs – 2nd Place
7. Team 27 – Vaminos, angler Austin Chavez 44.75″ – 34.4lbs – 1st Place
8. Team 2 – Sea-Ker, angler Justin Ezell 25.5″ – 6.6lbs
9. Team 22 – Big Chicken Dinner, angler Kyle Lancastor 23.75″ – 5.2lbs
10. Team 16 Surface Breaker, angler George Davis 26″ 6.6lbs
Vinney hard at work during weigh-ins.

So there it is, another year now in the books. Next year will the big 20th year of the Halibut Classic Tournament….hope to see a bunch of you there as that one should be something special!!

Couple last things here. A big shout out to all the GREAT Sponsors who have continually helped with this thing year after year!! Thanks a TON guys!!

In no particular order, but those sponsors as well as the ones who help me on tournament day being….

  • *Dana Landing Tackle on Mission Bay.
  • *BloodyDecks/ FishDope
  • *Berkley/Pure Fishing
  • *BayPark Fish Co
  • *Everingham Brothers Bait
  • *SouthCoast Sportfishing Magazine
  • *Squidco
  • *Tommy Gomes/ Catalina Offshore
  • *Costa
  • *Wet Willy Products
  • *Alpine Beer
  • *Mike Emerton/Ashley Dawn
  • *Radar/Bill Hargraves
  • *Frank & Nate Price – Halibut Classic Photographers
  • *MB Marlin Club, John Pye & Jeff Zachary for help with the office
  • *Bill Black, for setting me up with the insane radio this year.

*My buddy Vinney for helping at check-ins as well as weigh-ins.

*My work bros Dave & Rueben who also helped with map returns, weigh-ins and clean up.

And my bro Felipe, for always running me the mags from up north.

And one more plug for Dana Landing Tackle, for being so cool and gracious and providing food, the scale and allowing me to set up right there…..thanks a bunch Steve n John!!

Thank you all, and whomever else I may have forgotten at the moment.

Hope to see a bunch more of you next year!!

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