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2017 Yellowtail Shootout Tournament Results

yellowtail shootout Tournament

Yellowtail Shootout Tournament

This year’s 2017 Yellowtail Shootout went down as one of the best.  The fishing potential in the last few seasons has everyone fired up and we had 80 fishing teams this year, which is a 50% increase over last year.

Of course we would like to give thanks to all of our great sponsors who share their time and great products to reward those who won both in fishing and in raffles.  A special thanks to Costa, the headline sponsor now for five years.

We had lots of great sponsors who made great new categories possible this year.

Tuna Jackpot WinnerTowBoatUS Tuna Jackpot

BoatUS Sponsored a guaranteed $2500 for the largest tuna brought to the dock on just a $50 buy in. Team #34 – No Mo Money now has money because they brought a 102.2-pound bluefin to the scales.

Shimano Tranx Jackpot

Shimano offered up $2000 for anglers catching fish on Shimano Tranx reel.

 catching fish winner 1st place was Team #12 – Get Knotty. They brought a 34.2-pound yellowtail in for $1000.

 catching fish winner 2nd place with a 19.8-pound fish was Team #72 – Katchafish  for $600.

tournament3rd biggest fish was by Team # 52 – Sea Level with a 19.4-pound fish and they will win $400.

Get Knotty was also in the Biggest Yellowtail Jackpot and took home an additional $3655 with their 34.2-pound fish.

Parker Boats Jackpot

West Coast Marine offered up $500 to the team catching the largest yellowtail on a Parker. We had 10 teams registered and Team # 24 – Sea Section brought a 19.6-pound fish to the dock and collects the cash.

Here are the winning places, first through fifth:“Presented by Costa Del Mar”

Fish tournament winner First Place

Team # 24 – Sea Section with a bag weight of 53.5-pounds and collects $4000.  Four pairs of Costa Sunglasses and four $100 dollar certificates for apparal,  a YETI Tundra 75 and four custom 1st place YTSO 30oz ramblers, a Phenix HAX 1008 M-J Rod, an Accurate Fury 600, a Traegar grill with cover and 2 bags of pellets, Shimano Torium 16HG and hat, a custom rod by Salty Dawg and Batson, 1 year subscription to FishDope, yellowtail art by Amadeo Bachar, a Cuda Brand fillet knife and cutters, Berkley flouro and Bloodydecks swag. Congratulations!!

Fish Tournament winner Second Place

Team #22 – PaddyWacker with a bag weight of 40.7-pounds and collects $2000 and two pair of Costa sunglasses, a YETI Hopper and four custom 2nd place YTSO 30oz ramblers, an Avet MXL 5.8, FishWorks Swag bag, Cuda Brand fillet knife and measuring tape, $100 AFTCO gift certificate, 1-year subscription to FishDope, a pair of XTRATUF boots, a Shimano Teremar TMC90MB rod, yellowtail print by Amadeo Bachar and Berkley flouro. PaddyWackers also take down the $100 jackpot for $3,400 and the $200 jackpot for $3,400.

Fish Tournament winner Third Place

Team # 31 – Carly Rose II with a bag weight of 40.1-pounds and collects $800 and 1 pair of Costa sunglasses, 4 YETI custom 3rd place YTSO 30oz Ramblers, $100 AFTCO gift certificate, Cuda Brand Titanium cutters, Avet MXL 5.8, FishWorks swag bag, Berkley Flouro, ½ scoop of bait from Everingham Bros Bait Barge and a 1 year subscription to FishDope.

Yellowtail Shootout fishing Tournament winner 4th Place

Team #61 – Portugal and USA with a bag weight of 39.0 pounds and collects $600 dollars and 1 pair of Costa sunglasses, 1 pair of XTRATUF boots, swag from FishWorks and Mustad, gift certificates to Squido, Catalina Offshore and Everingham Bros Bait barge and a 1 year subscription to FishDope.

Yellowtail Shootout fishing Tournament winner

5th Place

Team #54 – Men at Work with a bag weight of 36.7 pounds and collects $400 dollars and an AFTCO gift certificate, ½ scoop of bait from Everingham Bros Bait barge, a pair of XRTATUF boots, Get some lube kit, a Squidco gift cert and 1 year subscription to FishDope. Men at Work will also collect the $300 dollar jackpot and take an additional $5,100 dollar home.

Yellowtail Shootout fishing Tournament

A huge thanks to all of the fishing teams, sponsors and volunteers who made this one of the best Yellowtail Shootout’s yet.

Yellowtail Shootout Standings Yellowtail Shootout fishing Tournament standings