Trophy Room App

Half the fun of fishing is enjoying photos of your best catches. The same can be said for hunting. Thanks to modern-day technology, smartphones and social media are great ways to share your favorite photos.

A new iPhone app called the Trophy Room is perfect for those hunters and anglers looking for a quick-and-easy way to store photos and information.

With Trophy Room you can quickly enter, retrieve and share photographs with catch or harvest details. There’s no need to search through hundreds of pictures or trying to remember weight, date, where you caught the fish and who you were with. With Trophy Room you can search your fishing photographs by angler, species, boat, location and date. Hunting photographs are searchable by hunter, species, weight, location and date, with the ability to log other information such as points and quantity.

Trophy Room comes pre-loaded with 300 fishing and 300 hunting species to help you organize your photos. You can also add a new species if needed. Then, with a simple click, you can instantly share the photos through email or Facebook.

Key Features

• Easily store fishing and hunting pictures and catch/harvest details.

• Quickly search for pictures, sorting by angler/hunter, species, boat, location, date and weight.

• Set favorite fishing and hunting pictures for home page and all searchable categories.

• Instantly email fishing and hunting pictures with catch/harvest details.

• Upload fishing and hunting pictures to Facebook with catch/harvest details with a touch of the iPhone screen.

• Great for charter captains and hunting outfits to keep track of all their customer’s trips.

• Ideal for family use, log all family members catches through one easy app.

“When you fish and hunt as much as I do, it’s hard to remember weights and dates of all the fish and animals harvested,” said Capt. Ed Dwyer who runs the 66-foot Bear Trap. “Trophy Room helps me easily retrieve and share my fishing and hunting photos with details.”

You can add a photo by taking one right through the app or choosing it from your library. To view photos in Trophy Room, simply click view photos and go from there. Users can also add details such as species, weight, measurements, comments, date, location, boat name and GPS coordinates. A search function makes it easy to find photos and retrieve details. The sharing aspect is also very cool. You can post images right to your Facebook profile from Trophy Room, or if you don’t want the world to see, you can email photos right to your inner circle. The email will have all of the catch info so you won’t have to be asked “How big?” ever agin.

The app retails for just $1.99 and is available through iTunes or the Apple App store by visiting