dan richards´╗┐ recently reported that Dan Richards, president of the California Fish and Game Commission and an avid angler, hunter and friend to sportsmen, is being unfairly attacked by extreme environmental and animal rights organizations for taking part in a legal hunt in Idaho. Now, Richards is being pressured to resign from his post by California legislators and Lt. Governor Newsom.

The California Fish and Commission will be hosting a public meeting on March 7 at the Mission Inn Hotel and Spa located at 3649 Mission Inn Ave in Riverside at 8:30 a.m. It's crucial that the fishing and hunting community stand behind Dan Richards and attend this meeting to show their support.

Even if you are unable to attend next week's meeting, you can still take action by sending your message of support to the California Legislature and the Fish and Game Commission. Click here to send your message today.

With all of the pressure from anti-fishing and anti-hunting interests, it is vital that California's sportsmen and women speak up in support of Dan Richards. Attend the March 7 meeting in Riverside and deliver the message that you are a recreational angler, a conservationist and a strong supporter of Commission President Richards.

The organizations leading the charge against Richards have a much broader agenda. Richards has consistently been a voice of reason throughout the flawed Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) initiative, a controversial program that threatens sportfishing in California, and the businesses and 20,000 jobs that depend on it, by unnecessarily closing large areas of the ocean to recreational fishing. If successful in their efforts to remove Richards from the commission, these anti-fishing groups will be one step closer to shutting anglers out of more of California's best fishing spots.

Key Messages to Share at the FGC meeting:

• As an avid angler and staunch conservationist, I support Dan Richards as President of the California Fish and Game Commission and oppose any measures to remove him from this position.

• Commissioner Richards understands his responsibility to both conserve California's natural resources and take into account the impact of regulations on California's citizens, its economy and the thousands of jobs that recreational fishing and hunting support.

• Commissioner Richards is an avid angler, a strong advocate for California's sportsmen and women and a champion of statewide conservation measures. As a commissioner, Richards has consistently voted on the side of sound science and proven fish and wildlife management.

• Commissioner Richards should not be pressured to resign as President of the Fish and Game Commission for participating in legal, well managed hunting activities in other states.

Republican senators are standing behind Dan Richards and sent a letter to Senate Leader, Darrell Steinberg, expressing their concern over the unjustified campaign Animal Rights activists have waged against Richards who was photographed with a mountain lion he legally hunted in Idaho.

Several assembly members amped up the debate late last week by calling for Commissioner Richards' resignation because hunting mountain lions is illegal in California.

"Hunters and anglers, who actually spend time outdoors, are those most invested in ensuring that California manages wildlife responsibly, and Dan Richards certainly fits that description," said Senator Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale). "Once again, some Californian legislators are revealing their elitist attitude by trying to impose our laws on other states. Perhaps those calling for his resignation could be more informed about how a federalized system of government works."