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  1. Tuna Choker

    Between 10 and1200 or so, we did real well off Zuniga Jetty between the Jetty and the anchored sail boats. About 6 hli's, two legal. One 1/2 inch over so wqe tossed back in. Picked up around 8 bass. We had 4 people fishing and were getting stripped on the sardines and then got harasssed by a seal. Went to IB for nothing. Radio traffic sounded like we were the only ones hooking up fish. dWater was around 64.6 at the jetty . While going down to IB the water dropped all the way down too 61.5 around the Silver Strand and then came back up to 64 at IB pier.sWas going to go out again today but 2 people did not show up so I will pull the boat out today.
  2. ibfishin

    How deep were you fishing around Zuniga?
  3. Bigfish69

    Its only like between 15 and 20 through there
  4. Tuna Choker

    1.5 to 2 fathom. The eel grass plays with your head when the lead weight catchs or your bait gets full of the grass. While drifting I just drop to bottom and then pull up about a foot or so and the lead does not get tangled as much. Worked for us.
  5. Bigfish69

    Interesting technique on the drift to stay out of the weeds.

  6. dennisrld

    Thanks for the report. I fish both those areas (and also near the bullring) regularly.